Thursday, December 6, 2007

100th Post

To continue with tradition, today is my 100th post, therefore I came up with a list of 100 things about me. Some of these I'm sure some of you already knew. Others may come as a surprise. I hope you're all still around by the end of the list... Here goes nothing:
  1. I love egg nog and would drink it year-round if I could.
  2. I hate liver.
  3. I greatly dislike raw onions.
  4. Besides liver and raw onions, I love food.
  5. So much so that when I'm depressed, I eat.
  6. I am a former smoker.
  7. I quit smoking twice.
  8. The first time I quit with self-hypnosis.
  9. I know quite a bit about hypnosis.
  10. I have been hypnotized by a stage-hypnotist (who also does hypnotherapy).
  11. The hypnotist made me shout at a friend, "Out of the pool!" and accuse him of peeing in the pool.
  12. I remember being really p*ssed about him p*ssing in my pool.
  13. There's a video tape of it somewhere.
  14. The second time I tried to quit smoking, I didn't fully quit until I got pregnant.
  15. When I got pregnant (even before I knew I was pregnant), cigarette smoke made me very, very ill.
  16. I ended up in the ER from being so ill the last time I smoked an actual cigarette.
  17. 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant.
  18. I still sometimes have the urge to smoke.
  19. On rare occasions, I will smoke a clove cigarette.
  20. Oddly, having the cloves around helps keep me from picking up the habit again, even when I don't smoke them (one pack with 20 cigarettes lasted 5 months, and I shared almost half of them; I haven't had any out of the new pack, and I've had it for 2 months.).
  21. My daughter also keeps me from smoking, because I will not smoke around her. Ever.
  22. I enjoy a drink every now and then.
  23. I love margaritas.
  24. And Cafe' Zinfandel wine (a blush - not as sweet as a white zin, but not as tart as a red zin).
  25. I refuse to drink alone or when I'm feeling depressed.
  26. I have an addictive personality (in case you couldn't tell).
  27. Because of this, I have rules for myself about drinking, smoking, and eating.
  28. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mother.
  29. And now that I am one, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  30. I also wanted to be a writer.
  31. I used to write poetry regularly.
  32. I also used to write short stories.
  33. I started a 'novel' when I was 13.
  34. I wrote about 7 chapters in pencil in a spiral notebook.
  35. Due to my atrocious handwriting and pencil smudging, I couldn't read Chapter 1 by the time I finished Chapter 7.
  36. So I quit.
  37. I get bored easily.
  38. I usually only start short projects or projects with multiple parts.
  39. Because when I get bored, I quit.
  40. I love to crochet.
  41. I also love to sew.
  42. I want to try my hand at quilting.
  43. I know how to knit.
  44. I also know how to do macrame.
  45. I don't do either because they're both time consuming (see #37).
  46. I also like to paint.
  47. But I get frustrated with it because what comes out on the canvas looks nothing like the beautiful image in my head.
  48. But for some reason my husband thinks I'm good at it.
  49. I love my husband.
  50. He's actually my second husband.
  51. I divorced my first husband.
  52. We separated after 14 months of marriage.
  53. We had only known each other for 8 months when we got married.
  54. I met my current husband 5 days after getting married.
  55. He was married at the time, too.
  56. We got together after running into each other after both of us were separated and going through the process of divorce.
  57. My ex-husband's current wife paid for my divorce.
  58. I really like his current wife.
  59. The reason I married my current husband is so I could be on his health insurance because we wanted to have children, and his insurance was better AND more affordable than mine.
  60. I was terrified of getting married again.
  61. I went through a depression afterwards and gained 30 lbs in 6 months.
  62. I'm still working on losing the weight.
  63. I've already lost the "baby weight".
  64. I gained 40 lbs while pregnant.
  65. I think at least half of that was water.
  66. I am still breastfeeding my 11-month-old.
  67. She turned 11 months today (I'll do the letter tomorrow).
  68. My daughter will be raised with the freedom to choose the spiritual path that she feels is right for her.
  69. I do not believe one religion is right for everyone.
  70. I believe everyone should choose the spiritual path that brings them closer to God.
  71. Though I also believe they should be respectful and lawful, as well.
  72. I am Wiccan. This is the path I found that brought me closer to God.
  73. I was raised Christian.
  74. I used to teach Sunday School and lead a church choir.
  75. Christianity was not offering me what I needed spiritually, though.
  76. I have nothing against Christianity or Christians.
  77. In fact, MANY of my friends are Christian.
  78. Some of my friends are Jewish.
  79. And Muslim.
  80. And Pagan (which Wicca falls under).
  81. I am a High Priestess.
  82. And a minister.
  83. And a Reiki Master.
  84. I believe Alternative Medicine and Western Medicine should be used to compliment each other.
  85. I believe there is a place and time for both types of medicine, but not everything falls under one type or the other.
  86. I am an empath.
  87. Complete strangers open up to me and tell me their life story or problems.
  88. I used to try to help everyone.
  89. Though I finally had to admit I couldn't help everyone.
  90. And some people don't want help (even when they ask for it).
  91. My favorite color is purple.
  92. My next favorite is green.
  93. Then black.
  94. I play the trombone.
  95. And the clarinet.
  96. And can kind of play the guitar.
  97. I'm terrible at strumming.
  98. And I can't sing and strum at the same time.
  99. But I can chew gum and walk at the same time.
  100. I'm not sure how I feel knowing I could probably come up with another 100 things about myself.

So, there is my list of 100 things about me. Feel free to ask questions. I promise to answer all of them to the best of my ability.

Note: I noticed the numbers are not appearing, but trust me, there are 100.


"J" said...

Hi!!! Thanks for checking out my blog! =) I did a 100 things about me yesterday...kind of a way for people to get to know me since I'm new to this "WORLD" lol =) 3 days now! I found it kind of hard once I hit 60 but I did make it to 100!

I enjoyed reading about you!!! Way to go on the NOT smoking thing!!! =)

Heather said...

Most excellent list, hon! Glad you quit smoking, good luck losing the rest of your weight, and have a most wonderful Yule next weekend!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Hey, you did it! 100 THINGS! I learned a lot of things about you reading your list. Thnkas for doing it.

AZMom said...

What a neat idea. I will have to remember that when I hit 100 posts...hmmm..I wonder how many posts I have. LOL

I've never heard of Wiccan. It sounds very interesting.

Good for you on quitting smoking.

Take care!

KATE said...

I love your list Andrea! Good Job! Good job on quitting smoking. I know that can be very tough! I'm so glad you were blessed with sweet Miss Tree Faerie!
What is Wiccan? I haven't heard of it before. I'm glad you found what makes you happy. That is the most important thing.
Good luck on losing the weight. I totally feel your pain honey! Keep at it. Good Job!!
Congrats on your 100th post!

Monnik said...

ok, something is wrong with my blog reader because I didn't see this post either!

I love this list and great minds think alike. My favorite color is purple too! Followed by green as well.

Spooky. :-)