Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Fortunes

Despite DTTF being sick and the weather being wet, the weekend was fairly good.  Because of those two things our original plans for the weekend were scratched, so we had an unexpected weekend off.  Saturday I did Tree Faerie’s laundry, which had somehow been skipped the weekend before.  I also went ahead and washed the 18-month clothing because she’s getting too long for the 12-month clothes.  This morning I sent her of to daycare in an 18-month denim jumper and bodysuit set that fit her really well.  She was absolutely adorable!  Now if only I could figure out a way to keep her from pulling out her ponytail holder…


She also learned a new word this weekend – cheese!  As in the yellow stuff that mice like to eat.  I don’t know the sign for cheese, which means she doesn’t either.  Instead, she does the sign for ‘more’ while saying, “Cheese?  Cheese?” (though it sounds more like chiss chiss).  I thought it was really cute until I was trying to nurse her to sleep and she kept pulling off to ask for cheese.  I finally gave in and got her some cheese. 


While we were sitting in the kitchen floor eating the cheese, my phone rang.  It was an Arkansas number, but it wasn’t one that was in my phone-list, so I waited to see if they would leave a voicemail.  Instead, they called back immediately.  Since several people dear to my heart, mostly family, live in Arkansas, I went ahead and answered it, afraid it was more bad news (I got a call last week to tell me that a cousin had a heart attack and died). 


It wasn’t bad news, though there was still potential.  It was my brother calling to say he was heading into Memphis and wanted to know if I was busy on Sunday.  I avoided the subject of where he planned to stay the night, but told him I could see him on Sunday.  After we got off the phone, I put it on silent in hopes that if he called back, he wouldn’t wake Tree Faerie.


I was a bit nervous about seeing him.  It had been about a year since I last saw him.  He is constantly on the move, and he and Mom aren’t talking much lately.  I don’t even have a phone number for him.  My relationship with my brother is a bit rocky to say the least.


When he called the next morning, we decided to meet at a Chinese buffet since DTTF was still sick.  I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of our lunch date.  My brother was simply enthralled with Tree Faerie, and she was not opposed to him.  He made several statements that gave me hope for his future.  He seems to have grown up quite a bit in the past year.  I only saw him for about 2 hours, but it was a good 2 hours.  I can’t help but have a bit of hope that my brother is actually beginning to grow up and settle down.  I love him dearly and really want the best for him.


As we left the restaurant, we each grabbed a fortune cookie.  Mine read, “You will have a lucky and memorable day today.”  It certainly was…


Friday, March 28, 2008

If I Smell Funny...

Yesterday I ran out of my normal deodorant, which is an unscented clear type, and forgot to pick up more. I remembered as I was getting ready this morning and was thankful I'd picked up a trial-size scented kind a while back. It smells great in the container - a light cucumber but not in the overwhelming eat-me kind of way. I knew I'd worn it at least once before, but I couldn't remember why I didn't continue wearing it.

Now I know. The smell coming from my armpits is overwhelming, at least to me! I can't get away from the smell! It's not bad, just stronger than I'd like it to be. A LOT stronger than I'd like it to be. I'm actually considering washing it off... If it doesn't tone down soon, I may have no choice and will just have to chance a little BO for the rest of the afternoon.


Wish me luck.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Feeling Crafty Again

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I love crafting.  Making things with my hands is more than time-passing entertainment, it is an actual need.  Since Tree Faerie’s birth, I’ve done a lot less crafting because I’ve had less time.  Plus, it is really difficult to actually finish a craft project when pieces of your project keep disappearing or being strewn all over the room by a very curious toddler. 


If I go too long without crocheting, sewing, or making anything, I get jittery and irritable.  Speaking as a former smoker, it is much like withdrawal.  When I start to get that itch, I know that creating something will ease the itch.  Sometimes just researching craft ideas helps, but usually I have to actually start a project.  Since I’m wonderful at starting projects but not finishing them, I’ve kept my eyes open for less time-consuming projects to scratch the itch.  When I look at a project, I try to determine how much time the project will actually take and whether or not I can realistically complete the project.  I have quite a running list of projects I’d like to try when I have the time to start and finish them.


Well, I just found a new project to add to my list.  Parent Hacks had a link on Monday to Three Sneaky Bugs’ instructions for making your own felt board.  I plan to make Tree Faerie her own framed chalk board because she loves the one at her doctor’s office, and I think this will compliment it nicely!  Plus, whenever I get the urge to do something crafty, I can always cut out more felt shapes to do different scenes on the felt board. 


Oh, wait.  I just found “magnetic paint.”  Hmmm…  They even have magnetic chalkboard paint.  Hmmm…  The wheels are turnin’!


On a side note – I also found this site this morning that I will certainly be revisiting.  Since I can’t log into anything Google-related from work, I’m using this post to mark the site until I can get home and add it to my Google Reader list.  If you go to the link, check out the post from Friday, March 21st.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wandering Wednesday 5

Half of my brain says, “What?  It’s only Wednesday?” while the other half is saying, “Wow!  It’s Wednesday all ready!”  Does this tell you how my week is going? 


For our 5th installment of Wandering Wednesday, I figured I would shake things up a bit.  I’m sure most of you have figured out that the majority of the blogs I read on a regular basis are written by women, usually mothers.  I also read a few blogs written by men.  (insert gaspstutterptuhptuh here)  Of course, they still have a couple of things in common with the other blogs I read – they must be entertaining and often humorous.  This week I want to highlight a few blogs written by men.


First off, if you haven’t been over to visit Creative-Type Dad, you don’t know what you’re missing.  This LA dad posts weekly about his adventures with his 2 year old daughter.  This week’s post contemplates the success of the Easter Bunny, and last week’s focuses on toddler swearing and a few discipline methods to consider.  I think part of the reason I enjoy reading his posts so much is that I can imagine DTTF responding to these situations in a similar fashion.


Laid-Off Dad is another blog I read on occasion.  LOD is Moxie’s husband.  I don’t remember who I found first, but one led me to the other.  LOD’s most recent post gives reasons for his recent tears, which ranges from laughter to pain to heart-wrenching moments.  He and Moxie have two boys, and LOD entertains me often with tales of butt-jokes, legos, and potty-training adventures.


A new find of mine is Cry It Out – Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad.  I found him through Creative-Type Dad, and I’m glad I did.  His posts are funny and light most of the time, and it is certainly obvious how much he loves his soon-to-be-two year old daughter.  Precious stuff.


For less ‘dad’ talk and more for entertainment, I visit Organized Doodles.  Rick produces profound caricatures and funny cartoons.  I love reading about the process of going from the photograph to the final art piece.  If you’re interested in having a caricature done, just ask him! 


So, enjoy!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

I can tell Spring has sprung because I’m craving fresh vegetables and fruits and I want to be more active.  I want to get outside and play.  I want to blow bubbles, fly kites, throw Frisbees, and take walks.  I have visions of taking Tree Faerie to the park.  I want to go feed the ducks in our neighborhood.  I want to blossom!


Overall, the weekend was good.  Tree Faerie had diarrhea all weekend, but that didn’t really stop us from having fun.  The church’s Ostara celebration on Saturday was fun, despite the incessant wind and cold.  Thankfully I had blankets in the car.  Tree Faerie enjoyed running around the park and exploring.  She didn’t take part in the egg hunt because she woke up from her nap just as the hunt started.  She still wanted to be held, so we wandered around helping another little girl who already had several eggs.  Tree Faerie and I didn’t find any eggs, but we did pick up trash and throw it away.  That is one thing I love about our group – we always leave a place cleaner than the way we found it.


I even went out Saturday night after I got Tree Faerie in bed.  I met up with a wonderful lady at the Flying Saucer, where we each had a Woodchuck Amber.  It was a lot of fun, and I was back home by 11:30.  This is the first time I’ve gone out and left DTTF with Tree Faerie after she’s been put to bed.  Thankfully it went without a hitch. 


Sunday afternoon we had our Ostara celebration for our Outer Court, and it was fabulous.  This one was indoors, so we didn’t have to suffer the wind and cold again.  We dyed a few eggs, performed a ritual, and then had a Spring-themed feast, which was centered on a build-your-own salad.  I really enjoy spending time with the Outer Court members. 


This week is lining up to be only slightly less stressful than last week.  If I keep going at this rate, I’ll be due for a massage long before July gets here.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Vernal Equinox

Today is the first day of Spring.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are in bloom.  How can one not smile on a morning like this?  I know I cannot keep the corners of my mouth from creeping skyward.  When the balance is reached between night and day, all seems right with the world for just a moment.  I cling to that moment and celebrate.


Happy Ostara!  Happy Spring!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Follow-up Appointment

Wandering Wednesday is postponed again this week due to deadlines and a shortage of time.  Hopefully it will resume next week.  Oh, and I tried fixing my layout again, but it only made things worse, so I had to put it back.  Of course, now I have to rebuild my blog roll.  It won’t happen this week, though, so just bear with me.  I’m ready to run screaming down the street while naked just to see if someone will commit me feeling a little overwhelmed right now.


Tree Faerie had her follow-up appointment with the ENT doctor this morning.  After waiting for what seemed like eternity, we finally got to see the doctor.  Tree Faerie’s ears are doing great!  She has a cold again, and in the past she would have automatically had fluid in her ears, leading up to an ear infection.  Her ears were “dry and clean.”  Yay!!!  So far, the surgery has been well worth it.


I bought Tree Faerie the Baby Signing Time DVD series, and Volume 1 came in the mail on Monday.  We played it Monday night, and it is really cute!  The hostess, Rachel, teaches the signs by singing cute little songs.  Tree Faerie did all the signs she knows and even tried a few of the others.  DTTF even played along!  Tree Faerie and I watched it again this morning, but as soon as they got to the sign for milk, which is the sign I use for nursing, she wanted to nurse.  She was practically trying to undress me to get to them!


So, that’s my news for the week thus far.  We have a busy weekend planned as well.  Sometime in April I should be able to come up for air...  I am keeping up with you all, even if I don’t get a chance to comment.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Subjected to My Sense

Sadly, my daughter is subjected to my sense of fashion, which in my opinion isn’t very good.  I tend to have an eclectic fashion sense, and I don’t often get caught up in current fads and flairs.  Stacy London would have a field day ripping my wardrobe apart.


I wanted to buy a dress for Tree Faerie to wear during our Ostara celebration next Saturday.  Since it will be held at a park and there will be food and an egg hunt, I wanted something that wasn’t too frilly and could be easily cleaned.  I also wanted something that could easily be worn with a jacket or sweater in case the weather is cool.  The last stipulation was that it had to be practically free affordable.


Since DTTF had class last night and I needed to buy diapers, Tree Faerie and I went to Wal-Mart and looked at clothes.  I glanced through the dresses briefly before the cute t-shirts caught my eye.  I picked out 3 t-shirts for her in size 18 month, which is still a bit big for her.  I looked at some of the other clothes and the pajamas.  Finally I got up the courage to go look at the dresses again.


Part of the reason I was hesitating is because my daughter is an odd size.  Going by the tags, she’s at the top or exceeded the height measurements for the 12 month size, but she’s at the bottom of the weight measurement.  This is what happens when you have a 29+ inch child who only weighs about 20.5 lbs.  I was afraid of buying something in 12 month size that she will only be able to wear for a couple of weeks or buying something in 18 month size that will fall off of her.


There were several cute dresses, and I almost bought a purple jersey one.  I changed my mind and put it back because I tend to buy a lot of purple for Tree Faerie.  I love purple, and she looks good in purple, but there can be too much of a good thing.  I decided to go with a green cotton dress that has little purple butterflies and pink flowers all over it.  It should come to about mid-calf, and because it didn’t come with bloomers or anything, I went looking for leggings to go underneath it.  The only leggings I could find were Capri-length, which should fall about the same place on her leg that the dress falls.  They’re purple, of course, but only because the pink ones were not the right color to go with the flowers on her dress.  I bought both in 12 month size because I don’t have to worry too much about the length.


When I describe the outfit to people, they all say, “Oh, that’s cute!” or, “I bet that is going to be adorable!”  Because they’ve all had the same reaction, I’m wondering if they are just saying that while trying to conceal their cringe or if they actually mean it.  Have I just committed a fashion faux pas, or is it really creatively cute?


I won’t have pictures until after Ostara, of course, but I will share them with you once I do.  I even tried to find the dress online and couldn’t, so you’ll just have to be patient and have a good imagination.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Turning Point

***Warning: You might want a tissue.  I did – several of them, in fact..***


I learned about death at a fairly young age.  The catalyst for the way I handle death and grief came in 1990 when my step-father, whom I loved dearly, died of a heart attack at the age of 32.  Prior to this moment in time, I had experienced the deaths of pets and great-grandparents, but none of those deaths impacted me to the same degree as the death of my step-father, Bo.


I remember the afternoon of April 19th, 1990, clearly.  It was warm Thursday, which is usual for April days in southern Arkansas.  I was in my room doing homework at my make-shift desk.  Mom was in the kitchen getting dinner ready, and the smell of onions cooking permeated every nook and cranny in the house.  Bo and my brother J were at baseball practice – something that Bo was more excited about than J because he had the opportunity to be the assistant coach.


I heard a knock on the door and heard my mother answer it.  Suddenly the tone of everything changed.  Mom came to my room and told me to get my shoes on because we had to go to the neighbor’s house to use their car.  We did not have a phone at the time and only had one vehicle, which Bo was driving.  Someone had called our neighbor and told her something was wrong and that Mom and I were needed.  We practically ran to the neighbor’s house, during which I managed to ask Mom what was wrong.  She looked at me with a face full of worry and said, “I don’t know yet.”  She was silent after that.


We got into our neighbor’s car, which was a four-door, yellow, boxy-looking car that smelled of old people, and drove out to the highway and about a mile towards town.  I saw our car on the side of the road sitting at a funny angle and thought, “Oh, he just had a wreck.”  I was familiar with wrecks and how easily and suddenly they can happen because three years before that we were in a wreck that put me in the hospital for three and a half weeks and from which I still carry a huge scar on my arm.  The lights from the police car and ambulance were flashing brightly, almost too brightly for that time of day.


The neighbor parked her car at the house across the street from our car.  J was standing near the house with the lady who lived there, and as soon as he saw mom, he cried out to her.  She went over to him, gave him a huge hug, and told him she’d be right back.  She told me to stay there, too.  I was standing there watching the lights and looking for Bo when I heard her scream.  I looked over just in time to see her pass out and a police officer catch her before she hit the ground.  He and another officer carried her to the back of the ambulance. 


Here is where things start to blur a bit in my mind, because this is when the panic set in.  Somehow I ended up across the street where the car was.  I knew my step-dad was in the car.  The passenger window was down, and I looked in the car and called, “Daddy?  DAD?”  He didn’t move, and he was an odd grey color.  By this point someone realized what I was doing and pulled me away, taking me to my mom at the back of the ambulance.  Someone told me he was dead, but it wasn’t my mom.  My mom could only cry and hug me with such force that it hurt.  I remember hearing disjointed facts.  


Bo’s chest had been hurting at practice, so badly that at one point he was rolling on the ground.  He decided he and J would go ahead and leave practice early because he was feeling so bad.  People offered to take him home, but he said he would be okay.  I don’t think any of the other parents knew Bo’s dad had died at 42 of a heart attack; otherwise they probably would have pushed the idea of going to the hospital instead.  On the drive home, he made my brother buckle up, something that was not common in that time and place.  Apparently when the final pain hit him, he hit the brakes and clutched his chest, coasting across the road and into a concrete embankment.  My brother thought Bo had fallen asleep, and when he couldn’t get Bo to move or answer him, he started screaming and got out of the car to find someone to help.  My brother’s screams drew the lady who lived closest, and she took my brother inside and called the cops.  He was almost 7 years old at the time, and I would turn 10 later in the year.


We didn’t go to school the next day.  Instead, we went to the funeral home to make “arrangements” and see Bo.  Bo, who had been so full of life and fun, was now only a body in a box.  He was beautiful, but his spirit was not there.  My mom’s family and Bo’s family both came to the funeral home, as well as quite a few friends.  There were people everywhere, yet I don’t remember seeing my mom much.


The funeral was held Saturday morning, and the funeral home was packed so full that there was not even standing room.  Bo was a wonderful man who was loved by the whole community.  We, the family, were in a dark room off to the side of the service.  I remember asking why we were in this little room watching through bars instead of out there with everyone else, and one of my aunts told me that we were in this room so that people didn’t watch us cry and we could grieve in peace.  When the funeral was over and we were heading to the cars for the graveside service, my mom collapsed again.  This time, however, she was caught by her father and her brother.  I remember Grandpa telling her gently, “Sandi, you have to walk.  You have to do this for your kids.”


I don’t remember much about the graveside service, except that there were a lot of people and I was ready to be away from people.  I remember a lot of crying and a lot of murmurs of comfort.  I remember wanting to sit down.  I remember going home after the service, and there were still a lot of people.  I finally snuck away to my room and went to sleep, where I dreamed about Bo.


I dreamed about Bo a lot for years after that.  Sometimes I still dream about him.  He always comes to me when I’m struggling with something internally.  Sometimes he has advice, and sometimes he just comforts me.  Everything was chaotic after that.  My brother has never been the same and grew into the angry and manipulative man he is now.  My mom was depressed for a long time and drank heavily.  I had yet one more event in my life to compound my fear of abandonment, although I didn’t know it at the time. 


The death of Bo was a turning point in many lives.  All of my peaceful memories from that point forward are broken with painful and scary ones.  Darkness was always nearby, waiting to be unleashed by my brother’s anger or my mother’s drinking.  Later, my mother’s drinking brought out my brother’s anger, which caused her to drink more.  Thus a perpetual cycle of anger, pain, tears, and even violence ensued.  I have guarded myself carefully from drama and uncontrolled situations in my adult life because I know from experience that I do not like the chaos.  I never want Tree Faerie to experience the fear, uncertainty, sorrow, or loneliness that I felt so strongly for years.  I will do everything in my power to protect her, even if it means distancing myself from those I care about.


Bo’s death also impacted my perception of mortality.  I kiss my daughter every time we get in the car.  I kiss my husband any time we part for any reason, whether he’s going to work or I’m just running to the gas station.  I make sure my loved ones have no doubt that I love them wholly and completely.  These things are important to me because you never know when that moment in time is going to be your last.  My obsession may be morbid, but these little compulsions help me maintain a tighter grip on my sanity.


We must do what we must in order to carry on with our lives.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Apparently, I'm a Freak

Everywhere I turn right now, someone is complaining about Daylight Saving Time.  While some of the complaints are about having to adjust to the change in time, which I can completely sympathize with, many of the complaints are about the sun (or lack thereof) in the morning.  Personally, I prefer having the extra hour of daylight in the evening.  I am not driving home from work or running errands in the dark.  This makes for a smiling, shining, happy person instead of a gloomy grump.


Last year when our President decided he could change time, I scoffed – until I noticed that it made me a happier person.  I am a solar-powered being.  When my solar battery cells begin to run low, I can definitely feel the effects.  I love light and windows, although my husband does not share my view and would probably black out all the windows if I would let him.  Thankfully he loves me dearly and allows me to open the shades when I feel so inclined.


So, for all those out there complaining about the time change, I will not join you in complaining.  Instead, I’ll hold my complaints until November when the time changes back to Standard Time.  I also will not allow you to bring me down with your complaints.  Instead, I will turn my smiling face into the sunshine and soak up the happiness.


Have a shiny day!


Monday, March 10, 2008

14 Month Pictures

The can wasn't open, but she was certainly trying! My mom says I need to submit this one to Pepsi Co.

It's hard to resist her cuteness!

This is the Rocking Harley my parents made for Tree Faerie.

In case you can't tell, she's wearing my socks. Actually, she's wearing two and carrying one, all different.

Another of the Rocking Harley.

This is the first time Tree Faerie has ever played in the snow.

And she's done...

14 Months

Dear Tree Faerie,

I apologize for not writing you a letter last month. Since you started walking, I’ve had to spend a lot more time keeping you out of things. Now you’re practically a pro!

In January, you got to go to Grams and Papaw’s house for the first time, and you had a great time! You slept the whole way down there in your new car seat. You played with all the dog toys, and Grams got to feed you in the make-shift high chair. We were there for Grams’ 50th birthday, so we took her out to eat crab legs per her request. You didn’t want to eat much of anything, but you enjoyed making a mess with crackers and Jell-O. Grams and Papaw also finished your Rocking Harley, which you now request to ride.

Before going to Grams and Papaw’s, you caught RSV again, although this time we didn’t have to rush off to the hospital. Instead you spent several nights sleeping upright in your old infant car seat. The congestion continued to hang around for a while, and just as it was clearing up you developed an ear infection that would not go away. We went through two rounds of antibiotics, and not only did the antibiotics not work, but your other ear got infected in the mean time! Your doctor referred us to an ENT doctor who was really nice and gave you tubes for your 14 month birthday. I was so nervous, partially because it would be your first time under general anesthesia and partially because I couldn’t nurse you after midnight the night before. Just like clockwork, you woke up at 2AM to nurse and could not understand why I wasn’t giving it to you. Your daddy got up and took us for a ride to get you to go to sleep, which worked like a charm. The morning of the surgery, I had to keep you distracted from the idea of nursing until after the surgery.

The surgery went fine. You were only away from me for 15 minutes total. When they brought me back to you in recovery, you were very, very, very unhappy. Once you realized you could nurse, you were a little happier but not much. As soon as we got you home, I put you down for a nap, and once you slept off the effects of the anesthesia, you were actually happy! Since the surgery, your balance has improved greatly so you don’t fall down nearly so much. You’ve also started mimicking words more often. The ENT doctor told us that your speech would improve after the tubes were in because you’d be able to hear better, but I really wasn’t expecting much. After all, you’re only 14 months old!

Speaking of talking, I’m going to have to teach you more signs, which means I have to learn more signs. You know “done,” “more,” “bye-bye,” and “nurse.” When you get frustrated trying to convey something, you go through all the signs you know over and over again. I can definitely understand that you want and need an effective way to communicate.

Of course, just because you can communicate your wants does not necessarily mean you’re going to get whatever it is you’re asking for. Another thing you’re working on mastering is the art of fit-throwing. When you throw a tantrum, I make sure you’re not going to hurt yourself, and then I walk away and let you scream. I’m sorry that one of the life-lessons you must learn is that you can’t have everything you want, but the sooner you learn it, the happier we will all be.

Sometimes it is a very good thing you are so darn cute, because otherwise we might actually consider returning you. You and I have had a few battles, sometimes involving hair-pulling, but I know that this is simply your way of learning how the world works. You constantly test your boundaries and our limits.

You finally cut your third tooth, although it was not either of the upper front teeth. You cut the tooth just to the right of the upper front teeth. You are working on teeth #4, 5, and 6, and you are not happy about it. I keep hoping they will go ahead and break through, but alas, they are being stubborn. People have offered all kinds of suggestions to help you out, from giving you chicken bones to gnaw on to hanging an egg in a sock over the bedroom door. I haven’t tried either of these. I have given you metal spoons, teething rings, and pieces of ice in either a washcloth or a mesh chew-thing to chew on.

Thank you for making me a better person. I am very proud to be your mother. Everyone loves you, and you know it. You even amp up the cuteness when you think it may help you get your way. You’ve given us so many hugs, kisses, and snuggles. I wouldn’t miss any of them for the world. I love you, Tree Faerie. As always, I look forward to what the coming weeks will bring.

Hugs and Kisses,

=|= Mama

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tubes Are In

Well, the tubes are in and Tree Faerie is doing fine. She was only away from us for 15 minutes, and while it was the longest 15 minutes of my life, we made it. She was an unhappy camper until she got to come home and take a nap. We were home by 10AM, and I had her down for a nap by 10:30. She slept for two solid hours, after which she was happy and fun.

We also handled not being able to nurse after midnight okay. Not great, but okay. At 2AM she woke up and couldn't understand why I wasn't letting her nurse. Since Tree Faerie chose to express her displeasure by screaming at the top of her lungs, DTTF got up and suggested we take her for a drive. He drove us around for about an hour and showed me one of the places he used to live. When she finally fell asleep after 40 minutes, all of which were peaceful, I was a little afraid I wouldn't be able to get her in the house and in bed without her waking up. Thankfully there were no complications, and she slept until DTTF's alarm went off at 6:20. I managed to keep her distracted from nursing most of the morning. All in all, it wasn't too terrible.

I've already noticed an improvement in Tree Faerie's balance. She hasn't fallen nearly so often since the tubes were put in. We'll see if there are any rapid changes in her speech...

Thanks for the support and encouragement.

Hopefully I'll actually get around to writing Tree Faerie's 14 month letter tomorrow. She didn't get one last month.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Little Nervous

Wandering Wednesday is being pushed aside today because this may be my only actual post for the week.  Tree Faerie is having surgery tomorrow to put tubes in her ears.  While I know this is a minor procedure, my stomach is still full of butterflies.  And because I had to take Monday and now Thursday off, I’m having to work in the evenings to try to meet my deadlines.  I’m swamped. 


Please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow.  I’ll try to post after all is said and done so that you don’t have to worry over the weekend.  I make no promises, though.


Fingers crossed…