Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wandering Wednesday 5

Half of my brain says, “What?  It’s only Wednesday?” while the other half is saying, “Wow!  It’s Wednesday all ready!”  Does this tell you how my week is going? 


For our 5th installment of Wandering Wednesday, I figured I would shake things up a bit.  I’m sure most of you have figured out that the majority of the blogs I read on a regular basis are written by women, usually mothers.  I also read a few blogs written by men.  (insert gaspstutterptuhptuh here)  Of course, they still have a couple of things in common with the other blogs I read – they must be entertaining and often humorous.  This week I want to highlight a few blogs written by men.


First off, if you haven’t been over to visit Creative-Type Dad, you don’t know what you’re missing.  This LA dad posts weekly about his adventures with his 2 year old daughter.  This week’s post contemplates the success of the Easter Bunny, and last week’s focuses on toddler swearing and a few discipline methods to consider.  I think part of the reason I enjoy reading his posts so much is that I can imagine DTTF responding to these situations in a similar fashion.


Laid-Off Dad is another blog I read on occasion.  LOD is Moxie’s husband.  I don’t remember who I found first, but one led me to the other.  LOD’s most recent post gives reasons for his recent tears, which ranges from laughter to pain to heart-wrenching moments.  He and Moxie have two boys, and LOD entertains me often with tales of butt-jokes, legos, and potty-training adventures.


A new find of mine is Cry It Out – Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad.  I found him through Creative-Type Dad, and I’m glad I did.  His posts are funny and light most of the time, and it is certainly obvious how much he loves his soon-to-be-two year old daughter.  Precious stuff.


For less ‘dad’ talk and more for entertainment, I visit Organized Doodles.  Rick produces profound caricatures and funny cartoons.  I love reading about the process of going from the photograph to the final art piece.  If you’re interested in having a caricature done, just ask him! 


So, enjoy!



Patti said...

i haven't read any of these guys. thanks for the head's up.

namaste said...

glad to see wandering wednesdays up and running again. organized doodles looks like a great blog. he's very talented. and i will check out the others soon. thanks for these spotlights. it's a really good idea!

Rick said...

Thanks for the link love Andrea. I'm touched - honored - moved to tears - baffled that you would do such a kind thing for me.

You are too kind.


JCK said...

Thanks for posting these. The dads get shortchanged in our hopping around and I know there are some good blogs out there. I'll have to check these out!

And yes, the caricatures are really fun. An artist recently did a pen & ink/watercolor painting with a caricature of me that he digitized for my site. It's been great!

carrie & troy keiser said...

I've read Rick's before he is very talented! Thanks for the dad links!