Thursday, March 27, 2008

Feeling Crafty Again

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I love crafting.  Making things with my hands is more than time-passing entertainment, it is an actual need.  Since Tree Faerie’s birth, I’ve done a lot less crafting because I’ve had less time.  Plus, it is really difficult to actually finish a craft project when pieces of your project keep disappearing or being strewn all over the room by a very curious toddler. 


If I go too long without crocheting, sewing, or making anything, I get jittery and irritable.  Speaking as a former smoker, it is much like withdrawal.  When I start to get that itch, I know that creating something will ease the itch.  Sometimes just researching craft ideas helps, but usually I have to actually start a project.  Since I’m wonderful at starting projects but not finishing them, I’ve kept my eyes open for less time-consuming projects to scratch the itch.  When I look at a project, I try to determine how much time the project will actually take and whether or not I can realistically complete the project.  I have quite a running list of projects I’d like to try when I have the time to start and finish them.


Well, I just found a new project to add to my list.  Parent Hacks had a link on Monday to Three Sneaky Bugs’ instructions for making your own felt board.  I plan to make Tree Faerie her own framed chalk board because she loves the one at her doctor’s office, and I think this will compliment it nicely!  Plus, whenever I get the urge to do something crafty, I can always cut out more felt shapes to do different scenes on the felt board. 


Oh, wait.  I just found “magnetic paint.”  Hmmm…  They even have magnetic chalkboard paint.  Hmmm…  The wheels are turnin’!


On a side note – I also found this site this morning that I will certainly be revisiting.  Since I can’t log into anything Google-related from work, I’m using this post to mark the site until I can get home and add it to my Google Reader list.  If you go to the link, check out the post from Friday, March 21st.



namaste said...

your crafting for an itch sounds like a good plan. maybe you've done so already, but you should post pics of some of your completed crafts. i'd love to see them.

i bet almost 100 percent of the american workforce is surfing the net every day like us. it's great! ;)


threesneakybugs said...

Yes, please post pics. I'd love to see one of the felt board. It's neat to see everyone's renditions.

XYZinn said...

I never have time to craft anymore. I want to get my kids scrapbooks done, but it is impossible with a 2 1/2 year old. She always wants to "help."