Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Follow-up Appointment

Wandering Wednesday is postponed again this week due to deadlines and a shortage of time.  Hopefully it will resume next week.  Oh, and I tried fixing my layout again, but it only made things worse, so I had to put it back.  Of course, now I have to rebuild my blog roll.  It won’t happen this week, though, so just bear with me.  I’m ready to run screaming down the street while naked just to see if someone will commit me feeling a little overwhelmed right now.


Tree Faerie had her follow-up appointment with the ENT doctor this morning.  After waiting for what seemed like eternity, we finally got to see the doctor.  Tree Faerie’s ears are doing great!  She has a cold again, and in the past she would have automatically had fluid in her ears, leading up to an ear infection.  Her ears were “dry and clean.”  Yay!!!  So far, the surgery has been well worth it.


I bought Tree Faerie the Baby Signing Time DVD series, and Volume 1 came in the mail on Monday.  We played it Monday night, and it is really cute!  The hostess, Rachel, teaches the signs by singing cute little songs.  Tree Faerie did all the signs she knows and even tried a few of the others.  DTTF even played along!  Tree Faerie and I watched it again this morning, but as soon as they got to the sign for milk, which is the sign I use for nursing, she wanted to nurse.  She was practically trying to undress me to get to them!


So, that’s my news for the week thus far.  We have a busy weekend planned as well.  Sometime in April I should be able to come up for air...  I am keeping up with you all, even if I don’t get a chance to comment.



namaste said...

i'm glad tree faeirie is feeling better. and glad to read dttf had fun with you two.

hang in there it gets greater later.



Annikke said...

Glad the surgery worked and is keeping fluid out of her ears!

We did baby signing too and now that Lady Bug is 3 we are working on more and more letter recognition and I also do the sign langugae for each letter. It has been fun!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Glad that her ears are doing good. Don't ya just LOVE Signing Time?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh wow! I'm so glad her ears are on the mend and are clear and dry! That's so great.

Don't know if I ever told you, but Ty-man had sooooo many severe ear infections as a kid that it's a wonder he can hear. He, too, has had multiple sets of tubes. He currently has a set that were implanted a few years back. What's funny is that this surgery is, of course, mainly performed on children. Ty-man's all trussed up in the hospital bed waiting for the anesthesiologist. The guy walks in, looking at Ty-man's papers and says, "Well hello there Ty... Mr. Dobson!" As soon as he saw that Ty-man was a man and not a young boy, the poor doctor's demeanor changed completely. It was amusing!