Thursday, June 19, 2008

Discovering the Joys of Sleep

I'm almost afraid to post about this for fear of jinxing things, but I just have to share...
This year for Memorial Day weekend, we decided to do The Great Room Swap of 2008.  We moved the office downstairs to the "master bedroom" and moved the bedroom upstairs next to Tree Faerie's room so that she could be in her own room yet still be nearby. 
During the first couple of nights, I missed her and she missed me, so I still had to get up every few hours and nurse her back to sleep.  I soon noticed I was getting up fewer and fewer times because even when she would wake up, she would sometimes settle back down before I could get to her.
Suddenly a miracle happened!  Tuesday night, she slept through the night.  Yes, she did fuss a couple of times, but she put herself back to sleep before I could get to her room, which is right next to ours.  I was in shock!  I didn't want to say anything about it in case it was just a fluke, but then the same thing happened last night! 
Now, I don't know how long this will continue, but at least now I know it can happen.  Knowing that she's capable of soothing herself, especially since I'm not a fan of the Cry-It-Out methods, gives me great relief.  For now, I am simply going to wait and see if this pattern will become the normal routine or if she's just teasing me.  Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a Wonderful Weekend, Part II

Continued from yesterday’s post…


Since my parents planned to leave on Friday instead of Saturday, we decided to skip the trip to the zoo we had discussed.  Instead, I took them down to Overton Square in Memphis, where we went to Maggie’s Pharm, the best herb shop in town.  I needed more red raspberry leaf to make my monthly tea since I am now getting a monthly cycle, and Mom wanted to get some for herself to try out.  Once we were done there, we walked across the street to Memphis Pizza CafĂ© to enjoy delicious pizza. 


After lunch, we headed to Harbor Freight Tools, where Mom tried to buy me an airbrush kit.  I talked her out of it because I’m currently trying to simplify my life and get rid of the things I either have not used in over a year that are not essential for my existence.  She seemed a bit disappointed but understanding.  We then drove over to Bass Pro Shop to look around, and Tree Faerie ended up with a really cute pair of sunglasses that she actually wears!  I was highly impressed, and still am every time she wears them!  We couldn’t convince her to wear a hat, though. 


When we got back to the house, my parents packed and headed out, leaving me feeling a bit sad.  The feeling only lasted a little while, though, because I had a nice surprise waiting for me in the mailbox.  My best friend from high school sent me a really cute card telling me that I am a prescription for happiness.  After reading it several times and showing it off to DTTF when he got home, I stuck it up on the fridge so it would be a constant reminder.


Saturday was relaxing and filled with wonderful girlfriend time, friendship, love, and great conversations.  I have learned a lot recently about the strength of friendship and love, and this newfound knowledge has made me a much happier person.


Sunday morning, I took Tree Faerie with me to pick up DTTF’s Father’s Day gift while letting him sleep in.  I planned to pick up a book on grilling but decided to look for a John Denver guitar tab book just in case, because that would have been the perfect gift.  Alas, I did not find one.  Instead I found an awesome book on the history of Punk music, which I knew DTTF would love.  I scanned the bargain racks and found a really nice grilling book for 60% off the cover price.  I left the book store very pleased with my purchases.


DTTF was awake by the time Tree Faerie and I returned, so we went out on the patio to “open” his gifts and his cards and let Tree Faerie play.  I got Tree Faerie to tell him “Happy Father’s Day” several times, which was absolutely adorable!  Of course, if I hadn’t known what she was trying to say, I would never have guessed that she was saying Happy Father’s Day, but it had the right number of syllables, similar vowel sounds, and the right tonal inflections.  She’s getting really good at mimicking what we say, which can lead to awkward moments in front of strangers at times.


That afternoon, our friend ANB came over to hang out.  She, Tree Faerie, and I went swimming while the charcoal burned to perfect coals in the grill.  DTTF earned his title of Grill Master by grilling hot dogs, filet mignon, hamburgers, flatiron steak, and salmon.  I made Cajun Mashed Potatoes, which he loves, to go with it and made steamed broccoli for Tree Faerie, ANB, and myself.  It was absolutely delicious!


All said and done, I couldn’t have asked for a better week and weekend.  Life is good.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wonderful Week & Weekend

Hello, Bloggerland!  Oh, how I have missed thee!  I promise to pay more attention to you from now on, because life without you is just…  I don’t know…  lacking.  So, let me give you a brief update on life according to Mom to the Fey.


The past couple of months have been full of emotional turmoil, indecision, and confusion.  I’m still not ready to talk to the world about my struggle, but please know that I am feeling much better and seem to have gained footing finally.  Life is good.


Last Wednesday my parents came up for a visit – a long overdue visit.  After seeing each other every 2 months last year, 5 months was a really long time to wait, especially since Tree Faerie is growing so quickly!  The last time they saw Tree Faerie, she was barely walking and could only say “done.”  Now she is running in her cute little toddler way and says all sorts of things.  Before my parents went home on Friday, she was saying Papaw and Grams, or her interpretation thereof. 


I made what DTTF calls “Man Burritos” on Wednesday night for dinner, and after putting Tree Faerie to bed, I took my mom to The Flying Saucer so she could see where DTTF and I hang out when we are able.  A couple of friends met us there to hang out.  We each had a beer (okay, mine was a Woodchuck Amber), and then headed back to my house, which is only about a mile away.  Sleep soon followed.


Thursday morning, Mom was finally able to redeem the gift certificate for a free massage from my massage therapist, MB.  I bought it for her 50th birthday and am glad she was finally able to use it.  I left Tree Faerie with Pop (my step-dad) for the morning to give them a bit of bonding time and to give me a bit of a break.  This was a big step for me.  Even though I’m getting better about leaving Tree Faerie, the first time she stays with someone new is always a bit stressful.  Apparently she had no problems communicating her wants and needs to him, though. 


I took a book to read while Mom was getting a massage.  Because I was studying her expressions and tension before the massage started, I made her a little uncomfortable.  I finally explained after the massage was over that I had been memorizing how she looked beforehand to have a comparison for after the massage.  This was her very first professional massage, and I wanted to see the difference.  While she was in MB’s very capable hands, I sat on the porch reading and drinking my coffee.  MB lives in a beautiful house built into a hill, and the front porch is technically on the second floor.  The bamboo growing between her and her neighbor’s houses is tall enough that you can’t really see the neighbor’s house, especially since the trees have full foliage now.  It was beautiful and relaxing.


Mom came out looking just as I expected – relaxed, happy, and looking as if she might just melt.  She loved the massage, which was obvious by the look on her face.  She mentioned she might have to make this a regular stop when she comes to visit.  I concur.  I’m going to try to schedule one for myself within the next month.


After stopping at Walgreens on the way home for Bactine, potassium, my birth control pills, and splurging on new nail polish for summer toes and 4 tank tops (couldn’t pass up 4 for $10), we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening just hanging out.  My parents had awesome grandparent time with Tree Faerie.  They played with the new tea set Mom bought her and enjoyed sitting around the Tree Faerie size table and chairs Pop made for her.  Tree Faerie also tested out her new rocking chair my parents made.  (I will post pictures as soon as I remember to actually take some.)  DTTF and I were invited out to the Saucer that night, and originally I declined and was just going to send DTTF.  After deliberating for a bit about it, I decided to go ahead and join them until about midnight.  DTTF and I took different vehicles in case he wasn’t ready to come home when I was and in case I had to come home earlier than planned because of Tree Faerie.  We had a great time, and I’m really grateful that my parents let us go out and enjoy our friends together.


Friday morning, my parents decided they would head back that afternoon instead of waiting until Saturday morning.  Pop works on Saturday and Sunday nights, and he wanted to be well-rested for work.  While I was a bit saddened by their decision, I completely understand the need to be in one’s own bed.


More to come…


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Apparently the year of my Saturn Return is shaping up to be one without many written words.  I’m hoping that will change soon.  Every time I sit down to write out the jumbled mess floating around in my head, those thoughts come out as a jumbled mess full of knots and snarls instead of wiggling themselves free from each other so that each one may be individually examined.  Let’s just say that I made a life-changing decision earlier this year without being able to fully see where the outcome may lead me, and now I’m just floundering my way through the results, hoping my feet find stable ground before my legs give out. 


Tree Faerie is wonderful (thanks for asking).  She is mastering the art of tantrum-throwing, which is adorable when it is not irritating.  The hugs, kisses, cuddles, snuggles, singing and dancing are all fantastic, though, which helps me forgive the tantrums, even when they seem never-ending.


Please be patient with me and don’t forget about me.  Hopefully I’ll be back on track soon.