Friday, December 28, 2007


While I was out yesterday with a sick child, which I'll elaborate on later, I got BLING! Heather over at Confessions of a Coal Miner's Granddaughter awarded me with the following:

Aw! A treasure! She thinks my blog is a treasure! This really made my day yesterday. She said she was proud of me for "announcing to the blogosphere that [I'm] Wiccan." Most of you don't know the internal struggle I went through over whether or not to talk about it here. My apprehensions came from IRL experiences where my relationships with certain people changed completely when they found out I was not Christian, even when I'd known the person for years! I was just a little scared. I was relieved, shocked, surprised, and comforted that so many of you still visit my little home on the interwebs. Thank you all so much. And thank you, Heather, for helping boost my confidence in confessing my faith.

Since Heather has already received this award, I won't award it back to her, but anyone who hasn't visited her yet ought to. She's witty, extremely brilliant, and somehow always finds a way to make me chuckle. I love her boldness and her snarky comments. In fact, I just proposed to her - or left her a comment asking that if we ever decide not to be straight, would she marry me? Of course, I just realized she'd have to meet my IRL BFF Manda, because I'd have to marry Manda, too. Neither of them currently live in TN, though... Why do my greatest friends all have to be so far away?

So, I must pass on this award. I am limiting myself to 5, because I could be here all day awarding you all for different reasons. Of course, limiting myself is terribly difficult, but here goes (in no particular order).

Three Boys and Me - Heather, your blog is definitely a treasure! Your anecdotes about being outnumbered by your boys are absolutely hilarious. Your sons are priceless, and your husband seems perfect for you. While I'm sure life isn't ALWAYS fun, fun seems to abound at your house.

Patti-O - Woman, you rock! You make me laugh often, occasionally you make me cry, yet you ALWAYS entertain me. I can hardly wait to read one of your novels (for those of you new to the Patti-O, she's written 3 - one she says will never be published, one that is currently being submitted to publishers, and one that she just finished the first edits).

Mom is in the Fishbowl - Annikke, while yes, your blog is definitely a treasure, I believe you yourself are a treasure. I love reading about your family and your life, and I appreciate the bond we share as WOHMs. There is so much more, though. I love your comments that you leave not only on my blog, but other people's blogs. Your kindness and compassion are obvious in your writing. If I ever make it out to Colorado, I'd love to meet you.

Mom's Happy Handful - Devan, you are certainly an amazing woman! Folks, this woman has 6 beautiful children, ranging in age from 18 to 8 months old! I am in awe of your ability to keep it all together! I love reading about your children and your experiences. The letters and posts written from your baby's perspective are absolutely darling - and believable!

Milk Breath and Margaritas - Amy, these are two of my favorite things, too! I love your writing style and your stories about you and your kids. Keep the posts coming, because I'm hooked!

There are so many more blogs that I treasure. In fact, check the blogroll on the left. As the title proclaims, all of those women rock. (And no, I'm not sexist, but I've been working on connecting with mommy friends and other strong women - something that's lacking IRL.)


Patti said...

whoa! i feel like i should talk like a pirate upon finding the treasure...arrrrggg!

thanky ma'am, not only for the kind words but for the award....

Annikke said...

THANKS! You said some extremely kind things about me (which I needed to hear today!)

Devin said...

An award?! "You like me! You really, really like me!"

*sniff* *sniff*

Monnik said...

You deserve the bling, Andrea. I think it's great that you write about the Wiccan faith as well. I love learning about other people's beliefs and your blog gives me a taste of something new and different!

And, your blog is always fun to read because of that adorable baby and husband of yours.

icanseeclearlynow said...

andrea, congratualtions on your award! well deserved, might i add!


Heather said...

Hey, I'm all for threesomes! Wait, serious breaking the law there. Not only a homosexual marriage thing, but a plural homosexual marriage thing. Whew!

I'm too brain-dead to even comprehend that. :-)

Andrea said...

Patti - Aaarrrrggghhh! LOL! Woman, you crack me up!

Annikke - Anytime, anytime! I wouldn't say them unless they were true...

Devin - Of course! That's why I keep stalking, I mean visiting your blog!

Monnik - It's all about the kid, right? I'm still getting used to people only knowing me as "Tree Faerie's Mom".

icansee - Thank you, thank you!

Heather (cmgd) - LOL! I guess we'll just have to be friends, then. :)

Amy said...

This is such a sweet award! I love it. Thank you so much!