Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wandering Wednesday 4

Welcome to our 4th installment of Wandering Wednesday.  I need to start limiting myself for each Wandering Wednesday, but that’s proving to be difficult!  Someday I might actually link to posts of people who are not in my blogroll.  For now, though, you just have to bear with me, especially since I still can’t sign into Blogger from work.  Now, on to the tour!


In addition to sharing with us her notes from her 24-hour heart monitoring adventure, Patti-O also shares a thought-invoking comment from one of her beta-readers.  I was blessed with the opportunity to read the first two chapters of her novel, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the rest of the book.  I’m a little torn on whether I agree or disagree with the comment, though.  Many people are more likely to actually finish reading quick-and-easy reads.  While blogs are a common form of entertainment, I don’t necessarily believe all the same rules apply to both the blogging and the novel-writing worlds.  As a copy-editor, I make sure the appropriate rules regarding grammar and punctuation are applied, but more importantly, I make sure the words, sentences, paragraphs, and the stories themselves flow smoothly.  Some grammar and punctuation rules can be broken.  So, Patti – if you can find a way to apply the same passion that is obvious in your blogging to your novel-writing, go for it!  Your writing style seems to be similar for both your blog and your novel with appropriate changes to structure.  Your novel is great as it is, though, or at least the part I read is. 


I Can See Clearly Now has taken a small break from her own novel-writing to share with us the thoughts inspired by a quote from American Gangster.  I am actually working on a post in my head in regards to this quote, because I think getting the jumbled mess out of my head and into black-and-white will make it easier to accept where my thoughts have led.  Thank you, beautiful woman, for making me think yet again.


Mom is in the Fishbowl broke my heart today.  Don’t go visit if you’re feeling emotionally weak, because the tears may flow.  Nikke – My heart goes out to you.


3 Boys Under My Roof tells us of her husband’s deep, dark secret (though honey, telling us means it’s no longer secret) – crafting!


Confessions of a Coalminer’s Granddaughter showcases a book review of Walter the Farting Dog, an actual children’s book that even came with a noise-making plush animal.  My sides were hurting after reading this post!


Mom’s Happy Handful reveals her new, successful way of communicating with her 18 year-old daughter that prevents eye-rolling and snarky tones.


And finally, Milk Breath & Margaritas indulges in Shark Bites and Live in the Badlands graces us with Scott-isms!  Enjoy!


icanseeclearlynow said...

andrea, you are sooo sweet. thanks again your promo. and i have been bouncing around reading some of your blog recommends. great blogs! thanks again, sweetie!

i hope tree faerie is feeling better soon.



Amy said...

Thanks for the linky love!!

KATE said...

I love your Wandering Wednesdays!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Hey thanks for featuring me in your wandering wednesday! I feel honored! :)