Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trudging Tuesday

While it's nice to have suspicions confirmed, it is not nice to still have to deal with a sick child. Tree Faerie has an ear infection, just like I suspected. Sadly, she's also running a fever off and on. This morning at 3:30AM, her temperature was 102.2 degrees, and she was awake and delirious. She had a lot to say in a very sing-songy voice, which would have been absolutely adorable had it not been 3:30 in the freaking morning. The Motrin finally kicked in and broke her fever around 4:30.

Of course, then I couldn't sleep well. Since scheduling the appointment for my bladder infection, I have developed a terrible chest cold. If Tree Faerie had not demanded that I get out of bed this morning, I would have probably stayed there until my appointment this afternoon. I'm certain I'm running a fever despite the Advil I took this morning. Basically I just feel like crap and still have to pee every 15 minutes. I'm at work, though, at least until my appointment this afternoon.

Sorry for the whiney post, folks. Hopefully all will be better tomorrow for the second installment of Wandering Wednesday.


david santos said...

Thanks for your posting, Andrea.
have a good day

icanseeclearlynow said...

wow! so many bloggers are sick! feel better, girlie. and i hope tree faerie is better soon too! ear infections are the WORST!



Annikke said...

Sorry you are both not feeling well! In a day or two hopefully medicines will kick in and you will both be feeling better!

Amy said...

I hope you both are better soon!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Whine away, sweetie. Being sick SUCKS and I would expect nothing else during such time.

Get better soon!


Random said...

oh, honey. :( i'm sorry to hear that you're sick as well. at least you can be 100% sure that we didn't give it to you this time?

this winter has been harsh with the colds and stuff. i hope you and little miss feel better soon. *hug*

Teri said...

Good ju-ju coming your way for a speedy recovery for you both. :-)

KATE said...

Oh my I am SO SO sorry! Nothing is worse than having to take care of a sickie baby when you're sick too!
Take Care & hope it all passes quickly!

XYZinn said...

I just took my little boy in today and he too has an ear infection. Blast! At least now he can be on antibiotics and start getting better soon.