Monday, February 4, 2008

Doctor Visits Galore

We're starting this week off with doctor visits. Tree Faerie is exhibiting the symptoms of an ear infection again, and I seem to have a bladder infection. What a wonderful way to start the week, right? Tree Faerie's appointment is this afternoon, and mine is tomorrow.

This weekend, Tree Faerie went from walking like a drunken sailor to walking like a drunken sorority sister. She can walk in a fairly straight line and stay on her feet for a little while, but if she tries to do any fancy maneuvering or goes to fast, she falls down. She is almost up to a run, though. It's incredibly cute. I am often amazed by how quickly things change.

Tree Faerie is also starting to mimic words more and more. She doesn't use a lot of consonant sounds, but she has the vowels and the inflections down pretty well. I'm starting to understand her more. I wish I could be more consistent with using sign language. Having my hands full the majority of the time makes it difficult, though. Of course, my hands are full from holding Tree Faerie a lot. She certainly loves her Mama. I am considering picking up a signing DVD. There are varying opinions out there regarding how well the children pick up the signs from the DVDs, so I'm not sure how well it would work. I really think, based on the opinions and reviews I've read regarding the plethora of signing DVDs on the market, that the success of any particular DVD is based more on the child than anything else.

Do any of you have experience with the signing DVDs? Do you have a recommendation of one to try? Do you know of any that I need to steer clear of?


Patti said...

i am useless in the dvd department. but the drunken sailor reference made me usual.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oooo, sorry 'bout the doctors visits and the various plagues. Blech. I know it sucks.

Signing for us was inconsistent. Since we don't normally sign when we talk, we were lazy. The twins learned "more" and "milk" but that was it. I'm not even trying with J-man.

Good luck!

icanseeclearlynow said...

sorry andrea, i have no experience with signing dvds. i liked the way you describe tree faerie's walking. i remember those days. she is sooo lucky to have a sweet mommie like you capturing every thing on the blog for her!



KATE said...

I love when the babies do the cute "frankenstein" walk! It's my favorite & especially when they try it in a run! I love sweet little babies!

I haven't tried any of the sign language DVD's sorry. They weren't so popular when I started having my babies. But now with Brookie I was just thinking I would look into them. My sister in law taught her babies signs, so I'll ask her & get back to ya!

carrie & troy keiser said...

We have the Signing Time Videos and I love them! I think They work if you watch them a lot and if you as the parents try to sign with the baby. We had great sucess with the twins and our other children... good luck!
Sorry about the sickies!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Signing worked a bit with us--esp. as we have two languages going on here. We didn't get heavy into it, but it was fun for the few signs we did.