Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Return of Aunt Flo

Due to breastfeeding and my wonderful Progesterone-Only-Pill (known as a POP), my monthly cycles did not start up again after Tree Faerie's birth. In essence, I have not had a cycle since April 7th, 2006. Of course, that is not including the shedding of the lochia, because I don't consider that a cycle.

Taking the amoxicillin has kick-started a menstral cycle because it negates the POP. Thankfully this cycle is nowhere near the cycles I had prior to getting pregnant. The cramps have been mild, the moodswings have been mild, and overall I feel pretty good. I even cleaned off my desk yesterday!

Cleaning off my desk is a really big deal. Apparently, I've been nesting for the last two years. I had surrounded myself with piles of paperwork, some of which needed to be filed, some needed to be shredded, and some just needed to be thrown away. When I stopped pumping at the beginning of the year, I wanted to get myself a treat for pumping for a full year. My desk was so overflowing, though, that I told myself I couldn't get my treat until after I cleaned off my desk. It took the return of Aunt Flo to give me the motivation to clean off my desk. I had several people stop me and ask if I was planning to return from lunch.

After picking up Tree Faerie from daycare yesterday, we immediately headed over to the pet store to pick up feeder fish for Creature, the garter snake we are currently housing, and my treat. This is what my treat looks like:

This is not my actual fish because I don't have my camera with me. I named him Hank after Henry Rollins, who's birthday is tomorrow. DTTF is a huge fan of dear old Hank, and he got me hooked several years ago. I got to meet him a couple of years ago, and even had him sign a dollar bill.

So, now I have a betta fish on my desk in a green-based aquarium. The hum of the filter is going to take a little while to get used to, but Hank the Fish is adapting very well to his new home. He dislodged the plants, though, so they're floating at the top of the tank. I think I'm going to get some decorative gravel instead of just the brown stuff, and I'll fix the plants when I put in the new gravel.


Monnik said...

Hank is a lovely fish. I assume he's not one of the snake's food?

Welcome back, Aunt Flo. I'm surprised you were motivated during menstruation. I typically want to crawl into fetal position somewhere soft (i.e. my couch or bed) during that lovely week.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Aw, sweet fish! Glad you have a new friend to keep you company at work!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Wow you held it off for a nice long time! :) I enjoyed that kind of luxury after then twins but not the others.
Nice peacful calming treat/ prize!
It seems to take me a week to get all the blogs read no-days....

OK I'm STUPID..... this is my 3rd attempt to type the dang word verification! :S

Annikke said...

Glad you are feeling better now.

We love our betta fishes. One of ours kept dislodging the plants too so I found some that had some suction cups on the bottom... those work great! I also added some decorative gravel because the brown stuff bored me!

TTQ said...

I used to breed beta, they like the plants on top because they make bubble nests in them. Once the female shoots the eggs out her tube, the male baby will pick them up and put them in his bubble nest. The female can not be kept in the same tank while waiting for the nest to be done. He will hurt her. You have to wait for the nest introduce the female and wait for specks to show up in the nest then you take her out.
P.S the females ARE NOT showy, they look kinda like small brown guppys or neons..most stores don't carry them.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I think that is amazing that Aunt Flo motivated you to clean. If that happened to me, my dh would want me to be on the rag all the time.

Devin said...

Ugh...I'm dreading AF's return. Sorry she's visiting you already:-(

Andrea said...

Monnik - two years ago I would not have been motivated to clean. In fact, I wouldn't have been motivated to do much of anything. I guess we'll have to wait and see if I have to redefine "normal".

CMGD - Thanks! He's still alive thus far. DTTF thinks he'll only live 5 weeks. We'll see.

Carrie - those word verifications get me ALL THE TIME. I hate when they put v and w next to each other, too!

Nikke - How many bettas do you have?

TTQ - Our pet store carries females, and I researched breeding, but I'm not sure breeding is my thing. What do you do with the babies?

NATUI - the only reason DTTF is not up for that is that he can't have "any" while I'm on the rag.

Devin - really, it hasn't been so bad! Surprisingly! My cycles used to be terrible. This is practically nothing!

TTQ said...

Um I actually accidently killed them all with the wrong water.. So I'm not sure because I gave up. Poor things were dropping all in a span of a week. My fighters hung on, the lazy ones just kinda floated to the top. All very sad. bad fish owner. I'm going to end up in hell.

I won't even feed our fish now, that's honey's deal. He does fish and plants. I kill plants at an alarming rate as well.

Teri said...

Yay, Aunt Flo is back! Wait, what?!?!