Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Does anyone have any toothpicks?

I need them to hold my eyelids open…


Today Rowan is scheduled to get her 15-month shots. 15 months have already passed! Where does the time go? Because I couldn't get an early morning appointment, I am at work and will have to leave around 11 to go pick her up. Thankfully I got to work early because Rowan decided that 4AM was a good time to get up. I did not agree, but of course arguing about it was useless. Around 5 I finally gave up on trying to put her back to sleep and took her into the living room where I collapsed on the couch with one eye open. Rowan played and watched Playhouse Disney. Around 6:30 or so, she finally told me she wanted to eat, so I made her a waffle and got in the shower.

I got a little jealous of her while I was in the shower because she decided it was naptime. She was so cute, though, so I decided not to string her up by her toes. Once I got out of the shower, I even went and got her blankie and put it on her shoulder as a pillow. She thanked me by snoring louder.

Since I will be picking her up from daycare just as the kids are getting ready to take a nap, I'm strongly considering a trip to the house after Rowan's appointment so we can both have a nap. That idea sounds better and better as the day wears on.

Ugh. I just discovered that the cup of coffee I made before writing this post is cold, which means it was cold coming out of the carafe. Why can these people not figure out that when you put the pot on a different warming plate, you must turn it on? Oh, and 4 drops of coffee is not enough for anyone to do anything with, so dump it and make a fresh pot!

Thanks. I'm done. Wish me luck.


namaste said...

oh sweetie, i feel your sleepiness. that was me last week. the work clock was moving at a snail's pace and i sure needed those toothepicks. hope you get some rest this evening.

happy 15 months to your sweet girl!



Monnik said...

sounds like you need a starbucks run. get some caffeine, girl!!

hope the appt goes well today!!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I second Monnik--go and get a 'Buck. Use the drive-thru. May as well take advantage if you have to go out anyway! I hope the appointment goes well!

KATE said...

I so know what it's like to have NO sleep! Good luck at the Doc's today!!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, dang. 4:30? Whew. I, too, would have camped out on the couch, except both eyes would have been closed. This is why child protective services has me on a list. :-)

Hope it all went well!

Beth said...

dang, I remember those days like it was yesterday....walking around in a daze and a fog...forgetting what day it is, what my name is, who's baby is this?!

It will get better...and besides....LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! too cute!

Patti said...

the coffee rant made me laugh....and amen to that!

Devin said...

I was up at 4am too! Ugh.

Bianca said...

Hey Andrea! I'm checking out your blog! I had a hard time reading it though since the background is dark and the type is dark. Is that a problem with my computer?

Cute story though! Does Rowan eat her waffles with syrup? Cause that would be a mess!

carrie & troy keiser said...

She survived the shots and did you get a nap?