Monday, April 28, 2008

The Noise Is Deafening

The chaos level in my brain is reaching maximum capacity.  All weekend I've been trying to think and communicate through the noise.  It's worse than trying to talk over loud music because with loud music, at least everyone else can hear it, too.  When the noise is in my head, no one else can hear it, thus I tend to be a lot quieter than normal for fear of trying to yell over the noise.


Plus, when I do try to open my mouth to speak, I feel like I'm trying to speak Russian to someone who only speaks French, and I've long-forgotten how to speak Russian.  I feel like an idiot every time I speak.


Is this just my body getting used to the absence of the regulatory hormones?  When other people decide to take a break from their oral contraceptives without trying to conceive, do they experience something similar?  Or am I just a freak?



carrie & troy keiser said...

Sounds like you could use a small vacation! It's been too long since I took the pill that I really couldn't tell you how it affected me..... good luck. Enjoyed your Wednesday laughs!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

The Pill can really mess you up! I wrote a post on it not so long ago. Especially after being pregnant, your body is just not the same. Start Googling "Pill" and "side effect" and "depression" and "headaches/migraines" and the like and you will find amazing information that our OBs don't tell us about. There is one forum called Aphrodite something-or-other on which I found a lot of helpful information.

TTQ said...

I get that way pretty often, and I don't have the hormones or lack of hormones to blame. I'm just crazy.