Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wandering Wednesday 6: Let's Get Crafty

Since I really enjoyed last week’s “themed” Wandering Wednesday, I figured I would continue with that idea in mind.  This week’s theme is Crafts, notably kid crafts and activities.  I’m having the crafting itch, so you just have to bear with me. 


I know I mentioned Three Sneaky Bugs in Thursday’s post, but I feel she is worth mentioning again.  Not only does she have great felt-craft ideas, she also posts other craft ideas, kid-friendly recipes, and other activity suggestions.


Our next stop is The Artful Parent: The Intersection of Art and Parenting.  This blog has lots of wonderful craft ideas, including dying play-silks with Kook-Aid, plus numerous suggestions on how to unleash your child’s creativity.  Jean also gives us numerous ways to display our children’s craft and art projects.  She started a toddler art group with a few other moms and their toddlers, and she keeps us up to date with their activities as well.


Good + Happy Day: Inspiration for Good Parents of Happy Children is a blog “about things to do with and for children.”  Not only does this DC mom blog about craft projects, she also has great suggestions for other activities to do with kids.


The last on our tour today (sorry there are only 4 this week, but I’m out of time) is My Kid’s Art.  So far this has been my favorite stop on the tour, partially because she has her posts labeled with the ages of the children involved in the activity.  Not only can you see the outcome off a particular art project and often the comparisons between her 1-year-old and 3-year-old, you also get to sometimes see or read about the messiness of the particular activity!




namaste said...

all these links are great for creating. and i especially like my kid's art. what a nice idea for a blog! you are so thoughtful of others, andrea, the way you spread your praise around. you are blessed and special. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I love The Artful Parent and My Kid's Art too! I will have to check out Good + Happy.