Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My New Obsession

As a Virgo, I love learning about new things.  When something tickles my fancy, I learn everything I can about the subject and immerse myself in it obsessively.  Once the novelty wears off, however, I move on.  This leaves me with a multitude of unfinished projects and supplies that will never be touched again. 


Because I am very aware of this fault of mine, most of the time I do all my research before actually buying anything.  This keeps me from spending gobs of money on stuff I’ll never use if the novelty wears off quickly.  If I still have the obsession after a few weeks, I take baby steps.  I try a small project first, and if that project works out, I’ll try something bigger.


My new obsession is gardening.  I’m afraid I have a black thumb, though, because the only indoor plant I’ve been able to keep alive is the aloe plant I inherited from Random when she moved out-of-state.  The only reason it is still alive is because it lives in my bathroom.  I even managed to kill the azaleas and hostas that were established at our house when we bought it.  Apparently I was supposed to water them during the summer.  Instead, I was taking care of an infant.


I really want to redo the front flower beds and grow an herb garden in the side yard.  I have wonderful ideas in mind.  I haven’t bought anything more than gardening gloves, pruning shears, and a little trowel and rake set.  I figure my first step should be to clean up what I have, right?  If I can find the time to clean up the flower beds, then adding things to them can come later.  I spent an hour looking at gardening stuff at Wal-Mart the other day, though.  The only reason I didn’t buy any seeds or tubes is because I don’t feel ready to commit to anything in particular.  I want a plan.  I want it to be a good plan, too.  I don’t want to do this halfway, especially the front flower beds.  If we’re going to sell this house in the next couple of years, I want to be proud of what I’m selling. 


I wish someone would come hold my hand and tell me what to plant where in order to have an easy-to-maintain yet attractive flower bed.  Wanna come hold my hand?



KATE said...

Oh I would LOVE to come & hold your hand thru it!!! I love to garden & plant & watch things grow!! Yay!!
In the flower beds I would start with something pretty hardy. Like pansies or violas. They may not be your favorite, but they are usually inexpensive & you could get a feel for it before going full bore with things that are a little more fickle!
Let me know how it goes. I can't wait to see pictures!! I really do love to garden!!

TTQ said...

I kill everything just by glancing at it, I much better with the animals. Honey on the other hand loves to garden.. and he's good at it