Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Week from Hell

Maybe it's just my mood this week, but after thrush, a stomach virus, not eating, and now a stuffy nose that makes her crabby, this week has been rough! I'm ready for it to just be over with already so we can start anew! I've got a call in to the doctor's office again because she's still not eating solid foods, and they told me on Tuesday that if she's not eating them by today, call again.

I guess I need to be more specific. As of last night, she won't take baby food or yogurt or anything from a spoon, but she ate a bunch of sweet corn puffs just fine. I let her eat a bunch of them because that was the first time she's taken them in a week. She'll take a bite or two from a spoon, then reject the rest. And I don't know why! That's the hard part. I don't know what's wrong or what to do about it. And if I hear one more time, "It's just a phase she's going through," I'm going to scream. Last week when she started refusing the food, I thought it was just a phase, but Thursday came and we discovered it wasn't just a phase. Tree Faerie had thrush. Or should I say HAS thrush. And now I have it, too. ON MY NIPPLES! Not comfortable at all! Of course, had I followed instructions before yesterday and used Tree Faerie's medicine like I was told to, I wouldn't be having this problem. But because I'm forgetful/lazy/wasn't-showing-any-symptoms, I didn't do that. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

Tuesday evening I also discovered I had send my mother-in-law on a wild goose chase. Thus far I've been lucky enough to be given clothes for Tree Faerie. Well, she's growing out of her 6-9 month clothing, and I have a bunch of 12 month clothing, but I only had a handful of clothing that said 9 month. My mother-in-law loves buying clothes for Tree Faerie, so I told her we needed 9-12 month clothing. When I saw her this past weekend, she told me she couldn't find any 9-12 month clothing, only 12 month clothing.

While I was at Wal-Mart on Tuesday, I figured I'd check on getting fall outfits for Tree Faerie in 9-12 month size. I looked at every rack, and you know what I didn't find? 9-12 month clothing! They had 0-3 month, 3-6 month, 6-9 month, then the next size up I could find was 12 month clothing. I thought I was just confused, so I called up Random Faerie, because if anyone would know, she would. I had to leave her a voicemail, so I immediately called my best friend from Upward Bound, BJS. The conversation went something like this:

BJS: Hello?

Me: I know this is going to sound like a really silly question, but I have to ask someone.

BJS: What?

Me: Do they make 9-12 month clothing? Because I'm standing here in Wal-Mart, and I see 6-9 month clothing and 12 month clothing, but no 9-12 month clothing.

BJS: (laughter)

Me: Seriously! What am I supposed to put her in if she grows out of the 6-9 month clothing but is still too small for 12 month clothing?

BJS: (still laughing) The 12 month clothing should fit once she grows out of the 9 month clothing.
Me: And her clothes won't be falling off of her?

BJS: (still laughing) No, they won't fall off of her. They may be a little loose, but they're designed to cover a range of sizes.

My friend then goes on to explain the sizing and that at some stores they still make 9 -12 month clothing. After I hung up with her, I called my mother-in-law and apologized for sending her on a wild goose chase. Later, Random Faerie called me back and explained the sizing further. Because I needed to re-evaluate what we actually needed in terms of clothing for Tree Faerie, I went upstairs and grabbed the box of 12 month clothing and sorted it. Guess what I discovered... Some of the tags have measurements on them, like 19-22 pounds or something like that, plus the length measurements.

Sometimes I can be a complete and total dingbat. And it's good to know my friends still know how to laugh at me when I need it.


Monnik said...

Ok, I have three kids and i didn't know that they don't make 9-12 month clothes, so don't feel bad. :)

Hope the thrush is healed soon. For you both.

Cecily R said...

Sizing in kid's clothes is annoying! Not only are the sizes weird, but they're all different at different stores and with different brands!

It's even more fun when they get older and you're dealing with the goofy sizes and kids who have opinions about what they will and will not wear! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Oh the joys of clothes shopping!! You must know that I Laughed and laughed! :-) (sorry) I can feel your pain and it is very frustrating! The good thing abt kids clothes is they are making the pants with adjustable waists .. that helps for the extremely skinny at least. I think they should make a 9-12 mo size though.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Sorry to hear abt the thrush ugh yuk :(

XYZinn said...

you know what else stinks, they have 2T and 3T, but nothing in between!