Monday, September 24, 2007

She's Sick Again

Apparently Tree Faerie has a stomach bug, so she can't go to daycare today. I won't go into details, but lets just say she had to have a bath and I had to have a shower. This is on top of having Thrush, so I still get to give her the medicine. I did call and talk to the nurse this morning to make sure it wasn't just a reaction to the medicine. It wasn't. So, here I sit at home, trying to get actual work done when I get the chance and trying to make the most of the day. Tree Faerie is currently napping, which I used to my advantage and got one report for work finished.

We had a good weekend. DTTF competed in a taekwando tournament on Saturday and placed 3rd in his division. Sadly, there were only 3 people in his division. He keeps saying that it's the first time he's ever won a medal for losing. I'm still proud of him for getting out there and doing it.

Sunday we held the Harvest Home celebration for our Outer Court here, and it went really well. We made an awesome grape cider that is now my new favorite drink. DTTF says I can only have it once a year though. Otherwise it wouldn't be special for Harvest Home. I can respect that, but man, it was delicious! I doubled the recipe this year, but next year I think I'll double what I made this time. It was gone entirely too quickly!


Monnik said...

grape cider? Hmmm. That sounds very interesting.

Do you mix it with anything? Rum? Vodka? Ha. :)

Hope Tree faerie gets better soon!

Random said...

aw, poor baby. :( i hope she feels better soon.

i'm glad you had a good equinox. tell mr. man i said congrats on the competition! i think that getting out there and doing it earns more points in my book than winning it.

sorry i haven't been around a lot. i'm reading and thinking of you guys, but feeling very quiet. i love you three!

Swishy said...

Ughhh ... that sucks. Hope she's better soon :)

Patti said...

sorry about the babe...and thank god for showers!

carrie & troy keiser said...

I'm sorry Tree Faerie is under the weather. Sick babies are no fun. I hope she gets better soon. Thanks again for your comments. You make me laugh, too. :-)

XYZinn said...

I have an awesome recipe for is kind of like apple cider. It has apple juice, lemonaide concentrate, orange juice concentrate, water, a little sugar and spices. It is seriously so good, if you like those kinds of things. I can give you the real recipe if you want it.
Sorry your babe is sick. Mine is teething and a tooth finally popped through today!