Sunday, September 16, 2007

When Creative Juices Flow

Since designing the onesies for DTTF's first Father's Day, I have opened myself to the opportunity to make custom onesies. A friend requested that I make a set of 5 (because I can get a pack of 5 onesies) for a friend of his who is due in October. He made this request several months ago, but he didn't let me know what he wanted on them until recently because he was letting the mother decide what she wanted them to say.

When he forwarded me the email from her, it only listed the words she wanted on there, which I accepted as permission to take artistic license and run with the ideas. Now, to give you a bit of background, the father is the lead singer for the industrial Goth band Razed In Black, so I took a lot of inspiration from that.

I was really proud of how well they turned out. My husband acted as my muse while I was designing these, and the final product exceeded my own expectations. As a Virgo, that's quite and accomplishment. Since I don't have the Faerychild Creations site up yet, I decided I'd go ahead and post the pictures here. So, without further ado...

Tori Amos

I couldn't find a logo of hers that I liked, so I made my own from a picture I found on her website. I've already had requests for t-shirt production, but I need to check on the legalities before mass-producing them. This one is my favorite.

Romell's Mini-Me

Romell is the father's name. If you check out the Razed In Black site, you can see the original of the picture that inspired this. I just inverted it and cleaned it up a bit. This one is my second favorite from the onesies I just completed.

My Dad is the Guy from Razed In Black

That says it all, no?

Mommy's Little Miracle

Baby Ears with Feet

There was a background story for why she wanted these last two, but I don't remember it right now.

So, if you'd like custom onesies, please either leave a comment below or email me at andrea at faerychildcreations dot com so that we can discuss the options. I would prefer to do 5 at a time, but I can make individual ones as well. My current pricing is one for $8 or 5 for $30. Designs will be approved before completion. At the moment, shipping will be done through the US Postal Service.


Beth said...

OMG!!! These are awesome!!!! youa re so talented and should make a killing with these!!!!

KATE said...

I LOVE those, I will have to think of what I'd want on them, but I definitely want some!! In fact I have a cousin who is expecting & her husband is in a band also, she would think that was the COOLEST gift EVER!!! I'm so excited. I'll get some more info & order!! yay!
- Kate

manda said...

hehe... ears with feet is what tori called her fans in an interview like 15 years ago and the hardcore fans took it up as their name.

... i'm a dork for knowing that.

ANYWAY. those are adorable! i have a friend who just found out she's expecting, so i'll have to see if it's a boy or a girl and then maybe place an order. :D

Patti said...


and, um, seriously?!

my brother is a graphic artist and i was thinking of getting him do do a batch, and now you have me wondering who will do them for you?!

Patti said...

oh, wait, i ahdn't read the post first. you would do them?!

Teresa said...

Wow, those are awesome!

XYZinn said...

Those are so cute and creative!

Cecily R said...

These are fantastic!

Kanoodling is just playing married couple, but nothing kinky. That's just my definition, though, so someone else might tell you different. Neat word though, huh!

carrie & troy keiser said...

I think you're a wonder woman ... come on over to my blog for the details! you go girl! nice baby clothes!

Monnik said...

very cool! I love those. Good luck with any business venture you begin with them!!

Swishy said...

So cute! No babies here, but next time one of my friends has one ...!

kim said...

Love them, very cute.