Wednesday, September 12, 2007

8 Months

Dear Tree Faerie,

I'm almost a week late with typing your 8 month letter because I wasn't sure how I wanted to sum everything up. You are such a joy to have around, and you are definitely active. There is never a dull moment when you're awake.

This past month has been a very mobile one. I rarely put you in the playpen when I need to get something done. Instead, I let you crawl around on the floor, though I did put the cat bowls up on the table because you wanted to empty all the cat food onto the floor (or into your mouth) and play in the water. You never actually ATE the cat food, thanks to our quick reflexes, but Storm was not pleased with you playing in her food and water. Since picking the bowls up, you've had a lot more free reign of the house. I still practice "active parenting" and can tell where you are and what you're doing by the noises I hear or don't hear.

You've begun to express your opinion more and more. Any time you're playing with something your not allowed, or when you want to play with something you're not allowed, you throw a fit. Sometimes you throw a down-right Tantrum. It's very obvious that you are M A D and that you want us to know it! I let you throw your tantrums, because there are just some things that I refuse to give ground on. Sometimes I even laugh at you.

I do not laugh at you when you bump your head, though. Your poor forehead has been covered in bruises since you've been pulling up more. Uh-oh is the phrase we use now when you fall, because if you're not really hurting, you laugh. If you are hurting, you'll crawl over to me for snuggles. Now that you're better at pulling up and sitting back down, you don't fall as often, but you seem to fall harder, and sadly, you bruise just like Grams, who's red hair you inherited. Instant, angry bruises appear on your noggin and fade through various rainbows before disappearing completely. The bruise on your right temple seems to be nearly permanent, though, because as soon as the old one starts to fade, you get a new on in the exact same spot. Note bruise on right temple below.

We've moved on to stage 2 foods now. You've tried all the meats and veggies, and you've tried all the fruits that don't have added sugar. We'll work on those slowly, but I'd like to avoid having them as part of your regular diet. You usually eat whatever we offer you, unless it's tart or you're constipated. When we offer you tart things, you make the cutest face, and you'll take about 2 more bites of it, then refuse after the third time your face has contorted. I'm not moving you up to stage 3 foods for a little while, partially because you have no teeth yet. I did feed you rice from my plate at El Mezcal the other night, though, and you loved it.

Sleeping has been an interesting adventure, especially since you came down with another ear infection this month. We actually managed to give you the antibiotics for 8 of the 10 days, but on the 8th day, I somehow managed to throw the rest of your medicine in the floor. Since the infection has cleared up, other issues have arisen. You seem to suffer from night terrors. It's not every night, but on some nights, you will be fast asleep and suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream. You're inconsolable at that point and have to be completely woken up to stop. You really scared Nana when you did it while she was babysitting. She had come over to play with you while your daddy and I went to see Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween. Your daddy had warned her that you sometimes had night terrors, but being told is much different than experiencing it for the first time. You scared her! She managed to get you awake and calmed down, after which you were fine and went back to sleep.
You've developed your own sleep schedule, too, and there's rarely a night when you sleep for more than 4 hours straight. You go to bed between 9 and 10, then you wake up once before midnight, once between 2 and 3, once between 5 and 6, then you get up for good around 7. I'm actually getting used to this schedule, sadly, though I've got to figure out how to change this pattern. We've also learned over the past month not to let you have a 7PM nap, otherwise you don't want to go to bed. You don't mind nursing, but you don't want to go to sleep. So, I end up rocking you until you just can't keep those beautiful baby blues open anymore.

You clap, blow kisses, and play peek-a-boo with a blanket. Granted, I'm the one covering you or myself, and you're the one uncovering. You love to play, though.

You and your daddy have come up with some interesting games to play. He's such a wonderful daddy!

You also still love to hear him play guitar and have even started trying to play the guitar, too!

I'm certain you'll be walking before the end of the next month, because you've already started cruising the coffee table and even practicing only holding on with one hand. You'll take steps if you're holding on to someones hands.

You're a ham for the camera and have even tried taking the camera from me. I'm not sure what you're planning to do with it once you get it, but I'm pretty sure it involves slobber, therefore you don't get to play with the camera. You're terribly cute, though.

Every month seems to be more fun and interesting than the last. I can hardly wait to see what will happen next. I have one favor to ask, though...

Please don't be in such a hurry to grow up. I like you being my baby, but pretty soon, you're going to be my toddler. Please let me snuggle you and tickle you and smoogle you just a little longer before you start pushing away.

I love you, Tree Faerie!




Katirocks said...

What a sweet baby girl! How fun! Enjoy every stage they grow out of them so fast!!
- Kate

Manic Mom said...

She's such a beauty! Those eyes!!

Monnik said...

I love the idea of writing letters to your baby. I really wish I'd have done that for my kids when they were tiny....

She is such a doll. I love the picture of her sleeping on your lap. That's priceless.

Swishy said...

What a doll! Absolutely darling .. and what a sweet letter!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Gosh, everyone already said what I was thinking. She's a beautiful baby and I love the red hair! I always hoped we would get a red head (my father-in-law was a redhead, so there was hope...). Enjoy everyminute... I miss the baby stage, it's my favorite stage (before they can tell you what they think and run away... not that those stages aren't cute, just not my favorite.)
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Andrea said...

Thank you, thank you! :)

And NONE of these pictures were off the 2 GB card. I haven't even introduced that card to my computer yet.