Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's Only Thursday!

All week long I have been trying to make it a day later than it actually is and was very disappointed this morning when I took my little pink pill and saw that it was only Thursday. I’m swamped at work because I’m trying to get a report done before deadline, but I didn’t get the information I needed 2 weeks ago until Tuesday. Thus the quietness. Thank you all so much for the compliments. If this thing does take off, then I already have a plan for where I want it to go. Turns out DTTF has always wanted to have a t-shirt-making business and has lots of great ideas. For those of you who have said you may be interested, just contact me at any time. I can also do custom t-shirts. I’ve been looking at the capped-sleeve t-shirts for ladies, and I really like them. I have a couple of designs in my head that I may go ahead and put on one of those shirts.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I don’t have long, so I better get to my points.

Tree Faerie has started climbing stairs. We have 15 stairs from the first floor to the second floor, and the last time I let her try scaling them, she made it up to the 7th stair before her legs just wouldn’t push her up to another step. It was so cute! Of course, I was crawling up the stairs right behind her so that she couldn’t fall.

I bought Tree Faerie a pair of shoes. I did some research to find out what size she needed and found a lovely scale online that can be printed out, so I printed it, verified the measurements, then measured her feet with it. She’s a size 2! I had 2 pairs of size 2 that were given to me, but both were sandals (I have like 10 pair of size 3s!). I put one pair on her, but she didn’t seem too crazy about them, and I really wanted a pair of sneakers for her. When we went to Target the other day, I found the baby shoes and tried putting on a couple of different pairs of really cute shoes, but Tree Faerie wouldn’t uncurl her toes so I could put the shoes I really, really liked on her feet. Of course, they weren’t sneakers, but they were a soft leather Mary Jane type with silicone grips on the bottom that I thought would help her transition from crawling to walking. She wasn’t having any of it. She didn’t complain, but she finally started pulling her foot away from me and simply refused to uncurl her fat little toes. I ended up finding a really cute pair of white sneakers for pretty cheap that I actually managed to stick her feet into and had her wear them around the store until I was done shopping. She didn’t complain, so I bought them. She wore them to daycare yesterday and seemed to have no problems with the shoes, though she didn’t pull up on anything. That could be seen as a pro or a con.

I am going to send a sippy cup to daycare so that she can start getting used to drinking from one, because when she switches to the toddler room in 3.5 months, she won’t be ‘allowed’ to drink from a bottle and ‘must’ have a sippy cup. (The quotations are used because that’s what one of the teachers said, but I don’t know what the actual policies are.) Now, she drinks water just fine from my cup, and she can kind-of drink from a straw, but she just doesn’t drink from the sippy cup. Instead, she plays with it. So, I’m going to send a cup with her so they can start giving her water in it, and hopefully in the next 3 months she’ll adjust to it.

Oh, and after sending her in shoes yesterday, I was told that the kids ‘have’ to wear shoes in the toddler room, so it was good that I was trying to get her used to them now. This was told to me by a different teacher. Now, I’m naturally rebellious, and so when I’m told I have to do something, I automatically want to do the opposite. So, instead of bucking up against it, I had a conversation with myself which pointed out that I had put the plan into motion before I found out it was ‘required’, so it’s still my idea.

Okay, that about sums it up. Cross your fingers that I get this report done (and done correctly).


Monnik said...

you're funny. the fact that you're naturally rebellious and wanted to question the shoe wearing requirement makes me laugh, because I'd have done the same thing.

Wow, no more bottles huh? That's harsh! :)

Andrea said...

That's what I said! And my sippy cup instructions say not to use it with milk or formula. Oh, and she's not 'allowed' to eat baby food when she moves into the toddler room. What if she doesn't have teeth yet? How much of the food they provide can be gummed? Ugh! I'm still rebelling against it all...

Patti said...

the shoe rule and your reaction cracked me up...and little pink pill? what be this pill?!

Andrea said...

LOL! Little Pink Pill = progesterone only birth-control pill = my insurance that I have some control over when the next kiddo's coming (i.e. not right now). The package is a blister pack and has the days of the week written on it. Sometimes it's the only reason I know what day it is. :)