Friday, September 21, 2007

Wonder Women

Ack! The other day Carrie awarded me with a Wonder Woman Award, and I almost forgot! Thank you so much, Carrie!

There are so many women out there that I think deserve a Wonder Woman Award, so I decided I'd limit myself to 5. So, in no particular order:

Random Faerie - She is my best female friend and has always been an inspiration to me. She's a wonderful mother and a fabulous wife and friend. She was one of the inspirations for starting this blog, since I've been reading hers for years.

Manic Mommy - Another inspiration for this blog, Manic has made me laugh and cry for over a year with her anecdotes about her children and her life.

Carrie - of course! With 6 kids (7 if you count her husband!) it amazes me how she manages to keep their lives running together while her sanity stays intact (or at least mostly)! Now that she's started investigating noises (or lack there-of) with the camera ready, her once-funny posts are now hilarious!

Monnik - A great mom with wonderful stories and great causes! And she manages to find the time and energy to RUN! Intentionally, no less!

Writer Girl - Her strength and compassion make me want to be a better person. She has taken the trials and tribulations given to her and has made it work.

My list could go on and on. In fact, if you'll just take a peek at the women listed under my blogroll (titled: Women Who Rock!), all of those women deserve a Wonder Woman Award! That's why I read them every chance I get!


Manic Mom said...

Oh wow, Andrea!!! Thanks so much! It has been awesome getting to know you through our blogs and emails, and I really appreciate this!!

Monnik said...

I'm so honored, Andrea! This is awesome. :)


Beth said...

6 kids?!!! Did she finally figure out what was causing that?!! ;)

you totally deserve that award...congrats!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks! I'm not sure that I' as cool as you make me out to be but thanks againe. this blog friend thing is cool I find strength for all of my blog friends... keep it up girl!
and to beth- I'd have more but my husband had figured it out so 6 is enough!... I wouldn't have it any other way!

Patti said...

did you get the braclets and cool belt to go along with the award?!

Andrea said...

No bracers or belt, just the roses picture, but I have a good imagination! :)