Friday, September 28, 2007

Standing Up

Tree Faerie just stood for at least 3 seconds unsupported! That is, she was standing when I looked up at her, and I counted 3 seconds before she plopped down. My baby is growing up!

Speaking of growing up, we figured out why Tree Faerie is refusing to eat the baby food - she wants to feed herself! She doesn't want someone else shoveling food in for her. So, I'm off to research easy finger foods for babies who do not have teeth yet.

Hopefully I can help mold this headstrong personality into something good. :)


Monnik said...

Oh, girl...

A headstrong baby who's already standing up... Sounds like my oldest. willful, headstrong, born leader. Good qualities in an adult, PIA ones in a kid. But of course you wouldn't want a doormat for a child, right?

Enjoy your weekend!

Cmommy said...

Hurray!! When mine were small, a wise someone told me that children will "ignore" one area when they are mastering another--maybe eating is taking a short term backseat to the large motor skills involved with standing, etc. Of course, you've picked up on her preference for feeding herself :-) and that is awesome!

Are you saving a few special pieces of clothing? I took a big bag of things I'd kept from each child + my nursing nightgowns to a quilting group. The leader showed me how to cut even squares and gave layout suggestions. When I've finished the piecework, the women are going to make four small quilts for my children. Cool, huh? :-)

May your weekend be well!! C

Beth said...

NOOOOOO!!!! Make her go back to being a baby!

they grow up way toooooo fast.

KATE said...

Oh wow, she's getting big! You're getting into all the fun stuff now!! yay!
- Kate

Swishy said...

That is so exciting!

Andrea said...

Exciting is one word for it! :)