Monday, October 1, 2007

Parenthood Can Be Scary!

Tree Faerie has been fascinated with the stairs lately. I’ve been allowing her to crawl up them with me right behind her, and she’s done a really good job. She can make it all the way to the top and keep going now! Well, I should have been more aware that this fascination may lead to disastrous situations.

Sunday afternoon, I was trying to get Tree Faerie’s lunch ready, so I sat her on the floor at my feet. She crawled into the dining room and started playing with one of her toys. Since I could hear her, I didn’t go peek at her. A few moments passed before I realized everything had gotten quiet. When I peered around the corner and saw she was missing, I headed straight for the stairs, my breath held!

I was right! When I got to the stairs and looked up, she was at the very top step pulling up to the landing. I gasped and stumbled up the stairs to her! I didn’t snatch her up but instead let her pull up to the landing on her own while I took a moment to let the adrenalin that was currently causing my heart to pound and my breath to come in short gasps run its course. DTTF was in the office at the top of the stairs. He heard Tree Faerie clomping up the stairs but thought I was right behind her until he heard my gasp and exclamation. He met me at the top of the stairs, and we shared our moment of panic together while Tree Faerie clapped and looked at us expectantly. I told her that yes, she did a great job, but she’s not allowed to climb the stairs by herself because Mommy will have a heart attack!

Needless to say, I kept a MUCH closer eye on her for the rest of the day, and I have Baby Gate written at the top of my shopping list for tomorrow. While I’ve probably grown a few more grey hairs over the incident, I’m extremely thankful that SOMEONE was watching over my baby, even if I wasn’t!

Chalk one up to Stupid-Things-Parents-Do.


Monnik said...

Oh, man. That is scary... Glad she wasn't hurt!

My youngest DD fell down our stairs TWICE as a baby. It was after she was walking and we assumed she could handle them, but still... I felt like a horrible mom.

Glad Tree Faerie has an angel or something looking out for her! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

I know THAT heart beat! Yes get a good gate... maybe two one for the top and the bottom! We have stairs the go up to the rooms and down to the multi-purpose room from our kitchen and we still use a gate on the down ones (course they do learn to climb over and so we still have to keep pretty good tabs on them. Good for you both that you didn't scare her and then she might have fallen! always there is a positive, huh?!

Manic Mom said...

So glad she didn't fall. And also, you handled it BEAUTIFULLY! Most moms would probably stop at the bottomw and yell, "HONEY!" or something to scare their child. You kept your calm, and also made sure she knew you were proud of her for doing it.

I always said and this sounds kind of pathetic, "You're not a parent until your kid falls down a flight of stairs." But I hope that doesn't happen to Tree. The sound it makes is more traumatic than the actual fall.

Patti said...

we have so many falling down the stairs stories in our extended family, and it was scary each time. but you did a great job in letting her finish and then making your list!

KATE said...

Oh sweetie, it's happened to all of us. Don't be so hard on yourself! She's good & you'll put up the gate & all is well! I'm so glad she didn't fall!!!

Andrea said...

Have I mentioned lately how awesome you ladies are? You guys ROCK! Thanks for making me feel better about it!