Friday, October 12, 2007

Funky Sock Friday

We finally made it to Friday, and the weather here has finally dropped below 80 degrees for the high. This morning I sent Tree Faerie to daycare in size 12 month pink corduroy pants, a size 12 month white and pink shirt that had some cute saying on it (but I can't remember exactly what it said), and PURPLE SOCKS WITH SPIDERS that in no way matched what she was wearing! So, I've now dubbed this Funky Sock Friday and hope to have started a tradition with my daughter. I wear funky socks a lot. The ones I'm wearing today have kittens all over them. I have a pair with monkeys, cute holiday socks, and I will soon purchase Halloween socks, too.

Today is going better than the rest of the week has. I took Tree Faerie to the doctor again yesterday afternoon because I was afraid she had another ear infection. Turns out it's not an ear infection yet, just fluid in the ears and a head cold. So, the doc wrote a script for amoxycillin just in case things got worse (i.e. if she continues pulling on her ears and doesn't seem to be getting any relief) and told me to give Tree Faerie benedryl to relieve some of her stuffiness. Last night was the first night this week that she let me actually get more than an hour of sleep at a time. Of course, if I wasn't aware of how bad she's feeling (clearly stated by my sunshiny baby being a storm cloud), her benedryl-induced daze might be funny.

An old friend of mine Sooj was in town last night and dropped in to see us. While I knew I missed her since she's been hopping all over the country playing shows and spinning fire, I didn't realize just how much I had missed her until I actually got to see her. Sooj is an absolutely amazing woman with an awesome voice, and her abilities on the guitar are purely magickal (spelled that way intentionally). I will always be able to say I knew her before she was famous and even get to sing with her on occasion, which I love doing and can do pretty well as long as there's not a microphone involved (I'll explain my fear of microphones another time). She has a show tonight in Missouri and one tomorrow night in downtown Memphis. Check out her website,, for more information and to hear some of her music.

I also taught my first Outer Court class last night, and I didn't do too bad of a job! I even managed to breastfeed while teaching! Thankfully the group is a very open one and can handle such things. I actually rolled several interrelating topics into one class and even had time for exercises at the end. I know we will expound upon those topics again in the future, but I feel that it will be more on an individual basis so that we can help each person find what works for them.

My plans for the weekend were scrapped by someone else, so I decided to make my own. I'm still waiting to confirm the new plans, but even if those are scrapped as well, I have a Plan C as well! So, the weekend is mine to conquer!


KATE said...

Well, I hope you have a great weekend. Even if you have to make plan D & E. Have fun!!

Patti said...

plan c?! wow, color me impressed...

Manic Mom said...

Breastfeeding while teaching--you are amazing!!!

Tree feeling better now, I hope!!