Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Missing in Action

I've missed blogging. Tree Faerie was sick last week, so I had to take off of work and tend to her. She's better now, though. Until last week, I thought it would be nice to be a stay-at-home-mom. Now I know better. Kudos to all the ladies who are SAHMs - your job is much more difficult than my job as a career mom (as DTTF so nicely stated). When I'm working, it's definitely a lot more fun spending time with Tree Faerie because I've missed her all day and am not burned out. When I'm home with her for several days in a row, I get no time for myself and it really takes a toll on me. I know I don't want to do my salary job 24/7, and now I realize that as a SAHM, one is a mom 24/7. The work just never ends!

So, to all you SAHMs out there, bless you for being able to stay home with your children and not completely go bonkers (with a few exceptions, of course)!

The festival was wonderful. I actually had a great time and wasn't overly critical. I didn't step in and take over. I enjoyed myself and got to visit with a lot of friends I haven't seen in a year or more. Tree Faerie was a delight, though she wouldn't eat any of the food and stuck to breast milk and sweet puffs all weekend.

Of course, everyone just fawned over her, which she really didn't like much. Tree Faerie communicates very well, and it was blatantly clear that she didn't like people in her face or strangers touching her, at least not without permission from her. She didn't fuss much, but I was also following her cues with what she was comfortable doing. She loves watching people, but she wants them to stay at a comfortable distance. It was very interesting to watch her interactions. I'm kicking myself at the moment, though, because I didn't take a single picture.

She has started doing one of the cutest things, though. I've been trying to teach her that there are just some things she's not allowed to play with, even when it's within her reach. The laptop is one of those things. DTTF's school books are another. Strange things she picks up off the carpet or ground do not go in her mouth. It's going surprisingly well, and she's proving more and more that she knows what's on the off-limits list. She started by shaking her head no every time we made the negative sound (kind of an "aant" sound) or said "no" or "stop". Now, when she reaches for something she knows she shouldn't play with, she'll shake her head no before I can even say anything and pull her hand away. Last night, she was even saying "aant" before I could!

It's good to be back... :)


KATE said...

I'm so glad you're back, I've been missing you!
I'm also so glad you had lots of fun at the festival!
I'm with Tree Faerie, I like people at a distance too. I often say "I'm in a phone booth, & you're not invited in!" ha ha
I LOVE that you're telling her no. & she "gets" it. It just goes to show those parents who say "they just don't understand" ya know about their 2 YEAR OLDS!
Again, glad you had fun!

Andrea said...

Thanks! And I'll keep the phone booth in mind, especially if she continues to be this way. I can't reall blame her, you know...

And I agree about the "they just don't understand" thing. I've been very consistent with what I don't want her playing with and the rest of the stuff is fine. If it's something she can play with but I don't want her playing with it right then, I distract her instead of telling her no.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog- I'll definitely try the Vicks trick at his next round of shots. Anything to avoid a repeat of our "fun" at 2 months!

Beth said...

I'm glad Tree Faerie is better....it stinks when the kid is sick.

I was wondering where you were!!!!

Gabriella said...

thanks for stopping by! I completely agree that all sahms deserve recognition, it is the hardest job on earth! I just returned to work 2 months ago after being home for 2 years and it made me realize what a tough job I had at home and god bless all those women who do it!
Looks like I've found another blog to read :)

Monnik said...

Glad you're back! Tree Faerie sounds so determined. She's got a will of her own, doesn't she?! Good for her!

KATE said...

It sounds like you're doing a great job! She's a smart cookie too!

The phone booth is fabulous, at least when people actually stay out of it. ha ha ha!

carrie & troy keiser said...

SO glad that you're back with us here in blogland. SOunds like a great time at festival. Sorry Tree Faerie was sick. I am sorta a "you're in my bubble" type person too. A lot more so when I'm pregnant and have always wondered why people thingk they can touch babies and pregnant women's tummies?! Anyway, so glad you're back! :-)