Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Festivals and Family

This weekend is our annual Festival of Souls. DTTF and I are usually co-coordinators, but we've taken this year off to focus on more important things, like Tree Faerie. I've been a little nervous about this weekend for many different reasons. In no particular order:

  • Because I consider this one of my babies, I tend to be overly critical when things don't go right (and of course, when I say 'right', I really mean 'the way I would do it'). I don't want to be overly critical. I want to relax and have a good time.
  • Tree Faerie has been sick and not sleeping, therefore I have not been sleeping. No sleep for Mommy means a cranky Mommy. Cranky Mommy means I'm less likely to bite my tongue. See #1.
  • I'm fat. Or at least I'm fat compared to 2 years ago, and especially compared to 5 years ago. Not that I really need to impress anyone there with my beauty and grace, but it would sure make me feel better if I weighed less. So, I'm self-conscious. Thankfully the people who love me do so for my personality, not just my looks. DTTF still tells me I'm beautiful, even more-so now that the baby weight is coming off more and more.
  • Speaking of self-conscious, I got my hair cut again in the same style as last time, but the bad thing about natural curls is that I have no control over which way they curl. Thus it doesn't look the same. It looks better now than it did a week ago, but it doesn't look as good as it did the last time.
  • As I mentioned before, Tree Faerie has been sick and not sleeping. What am I going to do if she's up every 45 minutes at FOS? What if she's keeping everyone around us awake? Thankfully, the people in the cabin next to us are like family to me, so I'm sure they'll forgive me.

Okay, now that all of that is out, I actually feel better. My hair and my weight - it could be worse. Looking at last year's pictures, I was pregnant and bloated, and my 'family' still loved me, so I'm just being silly. As for those few people who will criticize me because I'm not slim, who cares? Their opinions should not count.

As far as Tree Faerie goes, I know we'll handle it just fine. We always find a way to make things work. And thankfully I have a beautiful and loveable child, so it makes it a little easier for people to forgive me. She's usually full of sunshine and laughter, so hopefully all will be wonderful.

So, here's to having a wonderful and stress-free weekend! In case I don't post again before the weekend, have a great one!


carrie & troy keiser said...

Good luck with your FOS. I'm sure you'll have a great weekend ... don't sweat the small stuff!

KATE said...

I think it's going to be great! You'll have lots of fun. As far as the other stuff, once you start having fun you won't even think about it again. Take this from someone who doesn't even like to see people b/cuz I still don't looke the way I'd like to & I also have natural curls that are untamealbe! You'll have tons of fun & forget the things that are bothering you about yourself! (I think you look great, so I don't know what you're talking about anyway!)

XYZinn said...

I have natural curls too! I straighten my hair though because it is easier...I know, long story.
Have a fun weekend and enjoy yourselves. I too worry about the baby weight and look at pictures from before. It is slowly coming off though so I can't complain. I just wish it would come off faster!! :)

Colorado Writer said...

Have a fun weekend. And don't worry about things. You are beautiful and you just had a baby!

Patti said...

my mother always said to use as children: if i only had your worries!

it's all good. have fun.

Random said...

you need to update me on how the weekend went. aside from the popsicle bit. :D

miss you. :(

Monnik said...

How was the weekend? Did everything go well? Of course it couldn't have gone as well as if YOU'D done it all, but did you enjoy yourself at least? :) I so totally get you on the control freak/biting your tongue part of things that other people plan. :)

Can't wait to hear how it went. Or what it was, for that matter. What do you do at a FOS? Sounds really interesting!

Andrea said...

We had a wonderful weekend and the post is forthcoming, but I keep being interrupted with actual work. :)

Swishy said...

You are gorgeous and don't you forget it!!!

carrie & troy keiser said...

you've been tagged! the rules are: link back to me, then tell 7 random things about you. Pick 7 others you'd like to learn more abt and go tell them that they've been tagged {and give them the rules}.