Thursday, November 29, 2007


I ordered DTTF's Yule gift yesterday, so now I have to try to make it home in time to beat DTTF to the mailbox next week. Usually DTTF checks the mail before he comes in the house, and I'm afraid if he sees the package, he'll immediately know what it is.

Of course, while my dear hubby doesn't make it a habit to read my site, I can't tell you what it is just in case he decides to pop on over. So you have to wait, too! Let's just say it's something he really wants, and I've found a way to make it even more special. I'll also get him a couple of small things, but this is the main gift!

I've decided to make sock animals for my nephews and my best friend's boys. I'm going to make two elephants, a monkey, and a cat if all goes as planned. I've already picked up the socks. Now I just need to sit down and make them. I've been debating making Tree Faerie a sock animal or two as well, though I haven't decided. My big-$$$-gift for her is going to be a convertible car seat. I found one that should last her for the next 8 years or so (that might be a slight exaggeration) for around $120 at Wal-Mart. It's made by Graco, and while I trust the brand, I still want to research it before I purchase it. This is the life of my child we're talking about, after all.

For the grandparents, I'm torn between getting them mugs (either regular or travel) with Tree Faerie's picture or something else. I have other things in mind for all of them, but I really liked the idea of the mugs! Is it selfish to give them something bearing Tree Faerie's picture? They are grandparents, after all...

I think for the ladies in my department at work, I'm going to do something cutesy from OrganizedChristmas.Com. I'm specifically thinking of the We Whisk You a Happy Holiday sort of thing. I've already discovered their favorite individually-wrapped-indulgences. I guess I need to decide soon.

For the daycare teachers, I've decided to go with snuggly socks and bath stuff (I know, but I'm stumped, and I know they all like scented bath stuff because they've mentioned it!).

I have no idea what to do for DTTF's sister and her husband, nor do I know what I'm doing for my brother. I also don't know what I'm doing for my boss.

That about sums up my gift-giving list! I didn't realize I was this prepared! Now I just have to make sure all the shopping is done at least a week before Yule...

I've also decided to practice my hand at writing reviews. I posted a food review over at Fey's Tricks of the Trade, so go check it out and let me know what you think. Please be honest and offer suggestions if you have any!


Annikke said...

I did the Whisking You A Happy Holiday thingy's for the boys teachers last year and they all just loved it!
I haven't decided what to get my hubby for Christmas yet and he told me he already has a couple of things for me (he is usually a very last minute shopper!!)
I think the mug with her picture on it is a great idea! One year I also dipped the little handprints in paint and then after it dried attached the magnet sheets to it and cut those out for grandparents too. They still have those 5 years later!

Annikke said...

** I meant to say:
Dipped the hand in paint and placed it on a piece of cardstock....then when that dried put it on a magnet sheet and cut it out.
Doh! Sorry!

Andrea said...

I love the handprint magnets idea! I'm going to save that idea until next year. Though I was thinking about doing footprint tree ornaments.

KATE said...

I found some cute little fabric bags (they look like tiny little Santas red gift bag) & I'm putting caramels in them for the kids teachers. I've also made bracelets for teachers in years past.

Have fun, I wish I was as prepared as you!! Good JOB!!

Monnik said...

"Is it selfish to give them something bearing Tree Faerie's picture? They are grandparents, after all..."

Ha! Grandparents LOVE stuff like that.

That organizedchristmas site is awesome! Thanks for sharing it!!

Devin said...

I officially have Andrea-envy right now. You are waaaaaay ahead of me.

Annikke, I'm loving the handprint magnet idea! May have to just do that one.

Off to check out organizedchristmas...sounds like something I really need to order from.

Swishy said...

I think those sound like great gifts! The grandparents will LOVE it!

Heather said...

Something I've found that the grandparents like are calendars. I always make a Shutterfly calendar with the kids' pictures for each month and they dig it.

Good job with all your planning! You're way ahead of me. Ahhh, back in 2004 B.C. (before children), I used to have all my shopping done before Thanksgiving. No longer.

carrie & troy keiser said...

We did mugs when our oldest was a baby... they are so fun to have as the kid gets older! Good luck with all of your shopping!