Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Torrential Tuesday

Rain was not in today's forecast yesterday morning, but I awoke this morning to thunderstorm warnings. The bottom just keeps dropping out of the sky at random, with mild spitting in between. Welcome to Fall in Memphis - cold and wet.

This morning Tree Faerie woke up around 5:30 very fussy. As my mind became more cognitive, I realized that she was kind of coughing/clearing her throat and was stuffy. Uh oh, I thought, another cold. I sure hope this one doesn't come with a fever.

So, I walked her, snuggled her, laid her back down, snuggled her, walked her, then finally put her in her carseat to help her breathe. We got about another hour of sleep or so that way. She was really cranky after she finally got up, and during one of her screaming fits (probably the one after I suctioned the gunk from her nose), I noticed Tooth #2 looked like it was poking through. Sure enough, it was breaking through the skin. No wonder I had a cranky baby! I gave her a dose of ibuprofen, which she took graciously. I didn't hold her down or anything! She opened her mouth, I squirted some in, she swallowed. Rinse. Repeat. I was shocked but thankful!

Once the ibuprofen kicked in, I had a happy baby again, and she didn't seem very stuffy anymore. She still coughed occasionally, but they weren't croupy-sounding. She was even dancing on the way to daycare to Prince's Let's Go Crazy! I love that kid. She is absolutely amazing!

I just called daycare to check on her, and she's still a happy baby, so I feel better. Whew!

Finally, check out this contest from Mamanista and Best Buy. You could go wireless, too!


Monnik said...

Wow! Tooth #2 and she's smiling after a dose of ibuprofen. Isn't that stuff manna from heaven?

Now I have an earworm of Let's Go Crazy Lovely.

KATE said...

Hey girl, about the cookies. The original recipe does not call for the flour. But, I think they need a little. So my friend who gave me the recipe puts 2 cups in. You can try it without the flour, but I think they are better with it.
Enjoy, these really are the BEST!!!

Andrea said...

Monnik - I <3 ibuprofen and take it myself when I'm hurting. Tylenol? I might as well take a sugar pill.

And I've had that song in my head all day, so I have no sympathy!

Kate - I'm going to give it a shot with no flour and will let you know how it goes.

Devin said...

Poor baby. I promise I didn't send the croupy bug to you from Texas. I hope that tooth broke all the way through and she has a better night.

Patti said...

sounds painful...