Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Already

Monday came entirely too quickly. The time on the clock fell back an hour, but the time on the child did not, so she had me up an hour earlier than the clock said I should have been. Which is great for getting to work in a decent amount of time, but it's terrible for my sleeping habits since I tend to go by the clock. I don't feel I get enough sleep as it is.

I know I complain about my lack of sleep entirely too much. It tends to be an on-going problem, though. If I were able to get enough sleep, I wouldn't complain about it so much!

My step-dad turned 65 yesterday. My, how time has flown! I remember thinking he was old when he and my mom started dating 15 years ago, but he really doesn't seem so old now. 80 is old. 65 - not so much. In another 20 years, my perspective on 80 being old will probably change as well. My mom will be 50 in January, and while she just wants to ignore it, I'd like to do something special for her. I'm not sure what, but I'll come up with something. I won't call her out or anything, but I'd like to get or give her something memorable.

Any ideas for a new mom's budget?


Cecily R said...

One year I made a snap shot sized scrap book for my mom with cool quotes that matched pictures of the kids. HUGE hit. She still has it on her coffee table and its been several years. She still gets compliments on it too!

Andrea said...

LOL! That sounds like a wonderful idea, though I've really been trying not to start scrapbooking because I tend to get addicted to crafting crazes/fads for a short while, spend a good bit of money on it, then burn out. I may come up with something like that on the computer, though.

TTQ said...

My mom is 69 going on 21.. I can't keep up with her. As for presents she makes us a list. This month I will be buying her a gift card to Dillards. She wants new panties. That's about all I can say. Panties. Sigh. For a 69 year old.

Andrea said...

I wish I could get my mom to make a list... She's the type that always says something like, "just seeing you and Tree Faerie will be enough!" or, "don't worry about getting me anything - whay do YOU want?"

Patti said...

i love that you are posting every day! go nanoblomo ( i so butchered that, sorry.)