Friday, November 16, 2007

This Week in Summary

Well, folks, we made it to Friday. I was beginning to think the end of the week would never come! These trials that come our way now prepare us for future experiences, right? And what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger? And this too shall pass?

If anyone had said any of these cliches to me this week, I might have actually choked them. Or at least I would have had the urge to choke them and might have glared at them just a tiny little bit.

The High Points of this week:
  • I'm really not a bad mother. I can actually take care of some things on my own and have gotten better about not panicking about the things I can't.
  • I have actually gotten more than 4 hours of sleep in a row at least three times this week! It's a new record!
  • I <3>
  • I love baby snuggles!
  • I got the flu shot, but it didn't make me sick. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to try the Vicks Vaporub (the adult kind) on a shot site that I KNOW would be sore without it. It really and truly works! (Plus, did you know it actually says on the jar that it's great for muscle and joint aches? Who knew? I'm learning a lot more now that I've started reading ENTIRE labels instead of just what I want to know.)
  • I love blankets. Soft, snuggly blankets are divine! Since it's been chilly lately, I've had more opportunity to snuggle under one or two. The only thing I need to go with it is a good book and time to read it. I'll take snuggling with Tree Faerie instead, though, especially since I know I won't always have the opportunity to snuggle with her when I want to. The books can wait.

The Low Points of this week:

  • Labial adhesion. Creepy, but thankfully not dangerous. We're going to monitor it instead of using the hormones right now because according to the doctor, if they have it this young, the child will usually develop it again and again. We really don't want to give her hormones, even absorbed through the skin, for years. Cross your fingers that she didn't get mine and my mother's plumbing and isn't prone to bladder and kidney infections, otherwise getting a urine sample will be difficult.
  • Croup. While Tree Faerie is apparently having a "calm" case of croup, its still not much fun. She is so precious, and while I love that she wants to snuggle a lot while she is sick, I don't want her to be sick. I keep telling her to stop kissing those babies at daycare, but what can I say? I was the same way! Plus, I like having a kissy baby! I just wish she'd be a little pickier about who she kisses.
  • Darkness. Why does it have to get dark so early? Plus, half of the week was even dark during the day! I NEED SUNSHINE!

Okay, so I had 6 high points and only 3 low points. That's not such a bad week! All I needed was a change in perspective!


Heather said...

Sounds like a good week! Good for you on getting the flu shot. I've yet to work up the nerve. I agree on the darkness. It definitely hits me after the holidays and all of the Christmas lights are down.

P.S. Luke asked if he could get fish when he quit sucking his thumb. He did and we did! He has four fish and two underwater frogs.

meno said...

I had never heard of labial adhesion before. Poor baby girl. I guess given how complex the plumbing is, it's amazing how little goes wrong.

Annikke said...

Sometimes it is all about perspective isn't it. :o)

Kelly Mahoney said...

Sounds like quite the mixed bag of a week. At least it's Friday ... Thankfully.

Kelly Mahoney said...

Andrea -- I tagged you over at my blog and I know you're busy. I hope you can fit it in!

Devin said...

Sometimes listing it all puts things in perspective. Poor Tree Fairie. It is amazing baby girls don't have more plumbing problems. I hope she starts feeling to bottom.

KATE said...

I'm so sorry for sweet Tree Faerie! I hope it all works out with no hormones!

It sounds like a good week, when you can find more positive that negative. Way to go Mommy!

Have a good weekend!

Kelly Mahoney said...

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like the new template. I still have to change the ads to make them look more like the rest of the site.