Sunday, November 4, 2007

Saturday Subtleties

During lunch yesterday a friend stops by to pick up something she'd left here last weekend. This is the same friend who is the poster-child for the reason to have more than one, so we'll call her OC for Only Child. This particular friend reminds me of myself sometimes, though the self she reminds me of is the self I was several years ago. Especially when she's PMSing.

You see, I used to think it was NORMAL to have absolutely no control over one's emotions for a week, and only slightly more control over what came out of one's mouth during that time, stuff which was usually illogical and emotionally-based. It wasn't until DTTF experienced my PMS first-hand that I discovered that this was not normal. He said I was the first person - outside of drama class - that could go through 7 different emotions in 3 minutes and come out of it as if nothing was unusual. He was amazed!

I'd always experienced PMS this way, and because my mother did, too, it didn't seem odd at all to me. Once DTTF and I started sharing an abode, I started tracking (mentally) my emotions and my reactions to things. I taught myself how to control my reaction. I still had the raging emotions, but the instances that I had to go back and apologize for later were much fewer and far between.

I haven't had a cycle now for a year and a half, since I still have not started my cycle after Tree Faerie's birth due to breastfeeding in combination with that little pink pill (Camilla is the brand - in case anyone is interested in a birth control pill to take while breastfeeding that doesn't make them any more nuts than motherhood does). Talking with OC yesterday made me realize how much I appreciate not having a cycle right now, especially since motherhood itself has sent me through an emotional roller-coaster anyway.

When I do start my cycle back, I hope that either it's changed for the better and won't be so straining or I remember easily everything that I had figured out before getting pregnant with Tree Faerie so that I won't be a monster once a month. At least I took the time to figure it out, which should help tremendously when Tree Faerie gets a cycle of her own. Hopefully she'll have a cycle more like her Nana (DTTF's mom) than mine, but just in case, I'm prepared.


KATE said...

I was the same after I got married. The doc had me try all kinds of birth control to find something that helped. There are some good ones out there that help with mood swings during that time. I however work better on no birth control. Don't be afraid to talk to the doc, if your cycles are the same. Good LUck! I would LOVE to have gone that long without a cycle. That is fabulous!!

Andrea said...

I did talk to my OB about it when the PMDD commercials started showing on TV. She said we would work on it if my cycles are that way when I start having cycles again.

Sleeping Mommy said...

I've tried all kinds of things. The pills made it worse and when I was pregnant--lord help us all.

For me it got worse with each pregnancy so things like that do change your cycle. My best friend has actually gotten better with each of her children. So there is hope.

carrie & troy keiser said...

I was blessed with no cycle after the twins for abt 16 months... it was SO nice! How smart of your to work the monster out! I so want to figure out how to have Shantel {my poor 11 yr old} work out her monster! I don't have the monster problem, but it does run in the family {couple of sisters with seriously nastly monthly monsters!}. Anyway, so nice to be back and getting my blogging buddy news! :-)