Thursday, January 24, 2008

Teleportation Device vs. Time Machine

Heather over at Confessions of a Coal Miner's Granddaughter has decided she needs a time machine and knows exactly what she would do with it. Personally, I'm too afraid of messing things up if I was able to interact with my surroundings. I mean, look at what happened in The Butterfly Effect. A time-viewer would be interesting to have, though. It would certainly give a whole new twist to history class. That's another topic for another day.

I'm holding out for a teleportation device. Actually, I've decided I need a minimum of 4, and that doesn't include one for work and one for daycare. No, I need 4 personal teleportation devices. One will of course be at my house. I want one at my mom's house so that when she's having something delicious for dinner I can just pop in. Living 4 hours away from her does not allow me to just pop in anytime I want. This would also give me the opportunity to work on craft projects with her without trying to cram it into a weekend. I miss doing craft projects.

I want one at DTTF's mom's house, too. While she only lives about an hour away, I still have to prepare to go down there. I have to pack up the car to make sure I have everything I might need while we're down there. It would be great if Tree Faerie and I could just pop in to Nana's and maybe go horseback riding or help her build a fence or something. Having a teleportation device at her house would also make us feel a lot better about her living there by herself. While yes, I know she's a strong and competent woman, a lot can happen and has happened before. Thankfully she has neighbors within shouting distance, but only if you shout loudly and only if they're home.

The fourth teleportation device would be at DTTF's sister's house. Not only do I consider her a great friend, but she lives in Florida, has her own pool, and doesn't live too far from the beach. We could pop down there just for a margarita or a splash in the pool (or both). Even better, on days like today where the high is only 36 degrees, we can pop down there and thaw out. Of course, I might not come home very often...

When I was telling my mom about my little fantasy, the Floo Network from the Harry Potter books came up. She said that wouldn't work because not only does she not have a fireplace, none of her neighbors do either. A couple of them have wood-burning stoves, but not actual fire places. So, we'll have to stick with the teleportation device idea. I could get a lot more done in a day if I could cut out travel time. Or at least I might not feel so rushed, and it would completely eliminate the need to control my road rage.

Anyone already have one in the works?


Monnik said...

oooh, i love the idea of this!

I'd want one that goes to the mall, door county wisconsin (the place DH and I travel to on our anniversaries), and to some quiet lake surrounded by pine trees in the mountains somewhere.

36 degrees is cold for your area! But it'd feel like the tropics compared to the crappy weather we've got going here in Iowa.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Oh me too me too! I could so use many of these! I've always wanted to say, "Beam me up Scotty!" Get to work on that in your spare time, will ya?! :D

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

OK, you've got me. The teleportation device sounds much cooler than the time machine. I would still like to get Christmas gifts to little boy Dad, but it would be nice to teleport to Bonaire whenever I feel like it! :-)

MilitaryMom said...

I'm totally down with the teleportation device, but think being able to apparate like in Harry Potter would be much cooler, no equipment required like fireplaces and such. I guess you could call me a lurker, but I have been reading for awhile. I got here from Coalminer's Grandaughter. I like the new layout!