Friday, January 18, 2008

Valentine's Day Approaches

Everywhere I turn lately I see another reminder that Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. I am even wearing Valentine’s socks with lipstick kisses all over them for my Funky Sock Friday. When I saw the socks for only $1, I just couldn’t pass them up.

While DTTF usually has no problem finding a gift for me regardless of the holiday, I have a hard time finding a valentines gift for him . Since he really doesn’t care much for candy and doesn’t wear boxers, which seem to be the most common V-Day gifts out there, I’ve had to be rather creative in the past, from t-shirts or coffee mugs to coupons for “special” treats.

Since everyone needs a bit of pampering every now and then, I think this year I’m going to go with a spa set like
this. I love the chest, and amber spice-type scents smell really good on DTTF.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, what are you getting for your special someone?


Monnik said...

We do small Valentine's gifts. Last year, my husband bought me some pjs from pajamagram. He was thoughtful enough to buy the super soft and fuzzy, COMFORTABLE ones that aren't even one bit sexy. I love that because he bought them for ME, not him. :) But he also got a promotion on the pajamagram site to try out several 'free' magazine subscriptions. Uh, yeah... a few weeks later we got billed for over $100 worth of magazine subs. I keep telling him nothing is ever free. Someday he might listen. :)

"J" said...

I like Valentine's Day! We swap gifts! I don't know what I'm going to get Mr. "S" yet?!?!?! I guess I need to start thinking about that!!! =) I hope he gets me another charm to go on my new charm bracelet he bought me for of now I only have 2! I don't care too much for candy either...a little is nice but I don't want a BIG box...I'm on a diet! Did you join in on the Valentine's Day goody swap??

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

OK, I have to admit, I'm a Valentine's Scrooge. After waiting four hours, one Feb. 14th, for a table at a restaurant that supposedly didn't take reservations, yet reserved a table for the minister of the biggest Baptist church in the area, I lost it. I told the hubby that our anniversary was more important than Valentines and I didn't want to celebrate anymore.

But, I will bake cookies for the twins this year.

Andrea said...

monnik - Ooo! Pjs! I love Pjs! The magazine subscriptions though? I'll pass, thanks. :)

J - I haven't yet, but I'm pondering it!

CMGD - I actually boycotted V-day for a long time, but I've recently gotten back in the spirit of things. Are you baking heart-shaped cookies? :)