Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wandering Wednesday 1

Military Mom tagged me with a meme that I have already done (see here), but I figured I would make an addendum: Random now has a blog I can actually access!

So, since I've already done the meme, I figured I would go ahead and try to implement a weekly column that I've been pondering. I visit so many wonderful blogs that definitely deserve recognition, I figured I would spotlight a few of the blogs I visit. And since I've already mentioned Military Mom and Random this week, we'll move on from there.

If you head over to Confessions of a Coal Miner's Granddaughter, make sure to bring a box of tissues. Today she talks about the death of her father, and it will definitely pull at your heartstrings and make you mourn lost loved ones. If you don't want to sniffle, you can head over and read her latest post at Burt Renolds' Mustache. She is the lucky blogger who was assigned the 28th day of each month as her posting day. Many of the posts will make your sides hurt, and you may still need the tissues for the tears of laughter. (Oh, and I found out last night that DTTF thinks the pic of her in the Catholic school-girl outfit is HOT, to which I replied, "You know I asked her to marry me, right?)

Today Manic Mommy addresses a form of peer pressure with her daughter. I love how she explained to her daughter how some people dump their garbage on other people to try to make themselves feel better. She's also extended her I Donate Blood - Will You? Contest through Valentines Day, and there will be cash prizes!

Not Afraid to Use It participates regularly in Wordless Wednesday, however yesterday's post is the one that draws my attention. Her daughter's birthday party over the weekend sparked social etiquette epiphanies. While we all do our best to teach our children how to behave in public (and private), sometimes we just can't cover all the bases until we're actually in the situation. As long as we're trying and the kids are trying, a little "wiggle room," as she puts it, is allowed.

Finally, if you decide to meet for a drink over on the Patti-O, she's just finished her red-pen edits on her latest book. WooHoo! The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough for her due to the illness and then passing of the family pet, but she's "pulling up her bootstraps" and arming herself with mascara to trudge forward. My heart certainly goes out to her.
Thus ends the first installment of Wandering Wednesday, because I can never remember to upload the pictures from my camera often enough to stay involved in Wordless Wednesday. Please tell me whether you think this idea may prove to be interesting or if it just blows.


Heather said...

Thanks for the links! I feel that I can never have enough blogs to read.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Great idea, hon. And give DTTF thanks for the picture compliment. What you don't hear is the Mexican construction workers across the street whistling, the photographer and her husband laughing, and me cussing at all of them under my breath!

TTQ said...

As long as we're trying and the kids are trying, a little "wiggle room," as she puts it, is allowed.

I get a mental picture of babies in worm outfits slithering around the floor making friends..

What was that doll's name Glo-worm? You squeeze it and it lights up?

Andrea said...

Heather - Glad I could be of service! (Was that sarcasm, though?)

CMGD - LOL! I can totally read that in the look on your face now!

TTQ - You crack me up, woman! Now I have images of you squeezing babies!

Annikke said...

I tagged you over at my blog! I hope you will participate, but will understand if you are too busy!

icanseeclearlynow said...

hi girlie. i wasn't familiar with "wordless wednesdays," but i think any kind of weekly post is a good idea. i read your meme from november 17. very enjoyable. and a good meme: learning how a blog came to be.

i'll check out these blogs you highlighted.


carrie & troy keiser said...

I love this idea! Then I know if there is a good post I might have otherwise not seen! I did read Manic's post on peer pressure and I loved it too! :)