Monday, January 28, 2008

Mental Health Monday

Today I decided to stay home for a mental health day. I took Tree Faerie to daycare and came home, intending to cry a bit and clean. Instead I exercised, which was absolutely wonderful. I still haven't cleaned anything yet, but I feel much better.

This weekend we bought a couch and love seat. DTTF and I have always had futons for furniture. In fact, our bed is still technically a futon. We have been looking for an affordable yet nice couch and love seat set. The other day, DTTF found a used set on Craigslist, so we went to take a look.

I LOVE this set! It is dark red, a color I wouldn't have automatically gone for, but it's gorgeous! And soft! And snuggly! And it has already made it through the life of one toddler without permanent damage, so that gives me hope!

While we were trying to decide whether or not to buy the set, we went to Ashley Furniture to talk things out and see if buying a brand new set would be affordable. We found a couple of sets we really liked, but in the end we decided to go ahead and purchase the used one. Part of the reason for this decision is that if we bought it new and something happened to it before it was paid off, we'd be really upset. Buying the used one allows us to relax a bit, especially since we have a toddler and furniture-abusing friends (a story for another day).

The other thing that happened this weekend is DTTF finally put a piece of drywall over the hole in my closet. Yay! Hopefully soon I'll have my own closet back! I know DTTF is tired of Tree Faerie and me taking up space in his closet. While he was preparing the wall, I heard the quote of the weekend:
"No, baby, don't! You're rusting my tools!"


Annikke said...

I needed a mental health day today too. I need a good cry!

Hope your day is going good for you!

*Love the quote!!!

Random said...

heh. everyone's playing hooky today. well, lil guy's sick, so he's not technically playing hooky.

hope you got a bunch of relaxing done!

TTQ said...

hehe no baby..LMAO

Patti said...

you got me with "no, baby don't...."

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I'm sorry today started bad, but glad it ended well! I love what DTTF said about his tools. Too cute! But don't tell him I said cute. Guys don't get cute. Tell him it was very studly! Yeah, that's it! :-)

Feel better...

Devin said...

Hope tonight is better...everyone needs a few mental health days, and a good cry.

icanseeclearlynow said...

congrats on your new furnishings, andrea. it's so grownup. i still haven't purchased a full bedroom set, ever. i'll get there, grownup land, that is.



"J" said...

craigslist rocks! Mr S is on it every night!!!!

Swishy said...

Ohhh, mental health days are very good. Good for you, and yay on the new set!

KATE said...

I love the quote! That is great!

I'm glad you took a Mental Health Day! That is fabulous, I hope you enjoyed it!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Yeah for previously loved furniture! We've been married for 14 1/2 years and have never bought brand new .... maybe someday when the kids are grown we'll spurdge and get some new stuff! :)
LOVE the quote! :D

Monnik said...

i need a mental health day too. Really bad.

Glad your day was good - your furniture sounds great!

Andrea said...

Annikke - It was much needed and worked wonders!

Random - hope the little guy feels better soon!

TTQ & Patti - You should have heard the whine in his voice when he said it! It was hilarious! This is what happens when your child still puts everything in her mouth. Combine that with teething, and she chews on tools. :)

CMGD - I don't know what this says about my husband, but he "gets" cute and sometimes intentionally acts "cute" (we call it adorable, though). :)

Devin - She still didn't let me sleep much, but I was more capable of handling it last night.

Icansee - We're working on getting more "grown-up" furniture. It's a slow process. :) I'm also not in any great hurry to grow up.

J - that was my first time EVER! I quickly had to navigate away so I didn't find other things I thought I needed.

Swishy, Kate, and Monnik - Thanks, ladies!

Carrie - I am certainly not opposed to previously-loved furniture, especially since it helps keep me from stressing out over it's condition.