Friday, July 20, 2007

Aloha Friday!

Aloha Friday!
No work 'til Monday!
We're going to play today!
Aloha Friday!

We used to listen to a radio show in the afternoon on a local station before the station changed formats. On this radio show, Mike Evans would give us the Hollywood update every day, and every Friday, he always signed off with this song. It was something DTTF and I looked forward to every Friday. It marked the start of our weekend. Now the only thing we have to mark the weekend is the knowledge that we don't have to go into work the next morning. That, and pizza. We have pizza every Friday with only a few exceptions. And now we have pizza and Doctor Who.

I'm in love with the Doctor, by the way. I fell in love with him when Christopher Eccleston revived the series, and when the Doctor changed bodies, I was afraid I wouldn't love the new doctor, played by David Tennant. I should not have worried, because I'm more in love with the Doctor now than ever before.

DTTF is aware of this infatuation and is not opposed. He would be in love with him too if he swung that way. Instead, DTTF just loves the show and drools over the companions. Granted, DTTF used to watch the Doctor Who series years and years ago, maybe even before I was born!

Did I mention I'm robbing the grave? DTTF is 11 years my senior. And I couldn't love another man more.


Random said...

*cough cough hack wheeze*

the "robbing the grave" comment totally took me by surprise and i inhaled my tea trying not to shoot it out my nose. owww...

congrats on the mobile baby (i think) and i can't wait to see you NEXT WEEKEND! :D

Andrea said...

I'm antsy with anticipation!