Thursday, July 12, 2007

Focus, People, Focus!

Focus is something I seem to have NONE of today. I have started working on several projects several different times today but can’t seem to stay focused on any particular one in order to actually get anything accomplished. It could be because I’m hungry. I’m trying to watch what I eat and reduce my caloric intake, but I feel like I’m S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G. today! Yesterday was almost as bad and I noticed I wasn’t producing as much breast milk. So, I’ve tried to space out my eating a bit better today, but I still feel ravenous! At least I know I’m producing breast milk today.

I’ve started bringing my lunch instead of going to Subway ™ every day because I was spending about $120 a month on lunches. I picked up these little frozen dinner thingies that I’ve seen several other women in the office eat. My question is…


The meals are not filling. They are barely satisfying. They ARE cheap, however. I’m hungry within 2 hours of eating them, so if I get something else to eat, that makes them not as cheap, right? If I’m snacking on fruit or veggies or something all day, it would add to the cost of my daily meals, right? The problem is – I’m not prepared to be hungry!


I just splurged on popcorn and a coke. So much for watching my calories today, because it’s definitely not LIGHT popcorn. Oh, no. It’s BUTTER LOVERS popcorn. If I eat the whole bag, that’s 425 calories, and we’re not even going to figure up the fat and such. Thankfully, I’m sharing. Want some?

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