Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just Keep Swimming

Our AC is still on the blitz (we're not going to talk about that today), so Tree Faerie and I went for a walk after we got home yesterday. We haven't gone walking since she was about 3 months old, so this was a new adventure in itself. We saw the ducks (I must remember to bring bread or crackers next time), and some of the ducks have ducklings now. It was really cute watching Tree Faerie watch the ducks. As we were coming back towards the house, I decided to check out the pool that's behind our house. I know a bunch of kids hang out there because I see them traipsing up and down the alleyway next to the house, but the pool was empty when we looked.

Now, I haven't stuffed myself in a bathing suit since the summer before getting pregnant. Because my only swimsuit is a 2-piece and because of all my new stretch marks, I haven't had the courage to try putting on my old suit and was afraid to go buy a new one because I didn't want to see what size I'd be in. I've slowly been loosing weight and my stretch marks have faded a lot already, so I decided I'd give it a shot.

I actually managed to fit into the bathing suit and didn't look like I'd really been stuffed into it! I did put on a t-shirt, though, because my belly is just not ready to be exposed to the world. I had some Little Swimmers (tm) that someone had given me for Rowan, and I found this cute halter top set for her to get wet in. She was so cute! I should have taken pictures!

Off we set for the pool. Just as luck would have it, there were people there now, but it was just a couple of teenage girls. So, Rowan and I get in the pool. The water was much colder than I had expected, but it didn't take long for me to adjust. I think it took a lot longer for Tree Faerie to adjust to the experience as a whole, though. At first she clung to me and would just splash the water with one hand. After she realized I wasn't going to let her go, she started giggling and
cackling while bouncing on me and splashing. It was wonderful! She dunked her face several times, but it never upset her. I think the last few times were intentional. We had a great time! I kept watching her lips, because the water really was rather cold, and when they got dark, we got out. I wrapped her up in my Finding Nemo (tm) beach towel and we headed back to the house. She was so cute!

We are definitely going swimming again! Though I'd like to get a new bathing suit first - one that covers my belly and hopefully my upper thighs.


Manic Mom said...

Ah! I bet you had so much fun in the pool with her! Sounds like it! And kudos to you for getting into your suit--i'm sure you look great!

Andrea said...

No, not really, so I left the t-shirt on. Saturday I went t-shirtless, though, and my friend said I looked great.