Thursday, July 19, 2007

She's On The Move!

It's official! As of 9:20 PM last night, Tree Faerie is CRAWLING!

She's been trying for a few weeks now, and as of last weekend she started doing one-step-face-plant crawls. Earlier this week, I thought I saw her take two steps before face-planting. Last night, however, there was no doubt about it - she's crawling!

Last night after we finished Baby Rub (TM), Tree Faerie rolled over on her tummy and realized her daddy had the laptop out. This laptop has been an obsession of hers from day one, especially since we haven't let her chew on it. Usually she just wiggles and stretches for it. This time, she got on her hands and knees and took THREE steps towards the laptop before plopping down and reaching for it! THREE! And she didn't just do it once! She did it over and over and over again, at least until she finally got frustrated that we kept moving her back from it and finally had a melt down. (Did I mention this was just before bedtime?)

I cried.

I cried because I'm so proud that my little girl is figuring out how to do things herself and will someday be a beautiful, independent woman.

I cried because I'm sad that my little girl is figuring out how to do things herself and won't need me to do everything for her anymore.

I cried because I didn't know what else to do.

Then I called my mom. I got my step-dad because my mom was already in bed, but I told him about it and told him to tell Mom as soon as she gets up (which is at some un-godly hour like 3AM).

I saw 3AM this morning, though. And 1 AM and 5 AM and 6 AM and 7 AM. I don't think I saw 2 AM, but I think I saw 4 AM. I don't know if it's because Tree Faerie is adjusting to crawling or if her tummy ached because she hasn't had a BM since Sunday, but she was fussy every hour or two last night/this morning. I even tried bringing her to bed with us. She still woke up, and usually that does the trick.

Can you really call the crawling motion steps?

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