Friday, July 13, 2007

Childcare on Friday the 13th

Doesn’t that just deserve an evil laugh? MUAHAHAHAHA

This morning I went to check out Location B of our wonderful childcare company. I walked in there hoping that I wouldn’t love it, hoping that Tree Faerie would look at me and say, “Mommy, this is not the place for me.” (High hopes for a 6-month-old, I know.) That is not what happened. Instead, I really liked the teachers and the director. Tree Faerie seemed to be okay with the teachers as well. It’s a very clean place, and as I said in this post, it’s only 2 miles from home.

I sat in the floor of the infant room where Tree Faerie would be spending her days and let her roam around and interact with the teachers while I asked questions. Tree Faerie was not opposed to either teacher. Both teachers were very receptive to my questions and had clear answers. I appreciate that. The director was also very receptive and informative. We discussed whether or not to transition Tree Faerie to the new location or simply make the change if we decide to switch. The director suggested making the change so as not to confuse Tree Faerie with the back-and-forth between the two locations. I told her I would have a decision by Monday.

Then I took Tree Faerie to Location A, where she normally goes. I talked to the director there as well as our favorite teacher and told them the same thing – I’ll have a decision by Monday. I really like the teachers at Location A, but is that the only thing holding me there? That and it’s cheaper?

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons:

Location A:

Pros – 1) Wonderful teachers 2) that I’ve built a relationship with and communicate well with. 3) Cheaper price by $17 a week

Cons – 1) It’s located 7 miles in the wrong direction

Location B:

Pros – 1) Only 2 miles from home! 2) in the direction of Work! 3) Very Clean 4) Nice people

Cons – 1) $17 more expensive a week, or $68 more a month (though when figured against gas $ per month, it’s only $35 more a month)

So, if I switch to Location B, it should cut down my traveling time by an hour or so a day. That’s an hour I could be doing other things. That’s 5 hours a week or 20 hours a month. For $35 more a month.

I had hoped that visiting Location B would make my decision easier, and at first, I thought they had simply made it harder. Now that I’m looking back over everything, I actually feel BETTER about making the decision! I’m still going to discuss it further with DTTF and look for a little insight.

Speaking of insight, I may have gotten a sign this morning. When I pulled up to Location A, my trip-o-meter, which I reset every time I fill up with gas, read 66.6 miles. Now, 666 is not consciously a negative number for me, given my spiritual and religious path, but since I was raised Christian, it did cause me to pause. 666. On Friday the 13th. Hmm.

*Update* My mom just called! They’ll be here in about 4 hours! Yippee!!!

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