Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Waiting to Cool Off

I'm currently sitting here waiting for the AC repair people to show up. The guy we talked to on Saturday set us up for a "First Call" this morning and said the repair people would be here around 8:30 because we were first on the list for this morning.

It's now 10 AM. Where are the repair people?

I called the office just before 9 and was told they were doing paperwork and would be here soon. I just called again and was offered the opportunity to leave the install manager a message because he wasn't in his office. Needless to say, I wasn't very nice on the phone, which is very unusual for me.


I had to nurse Tree Faerie, and they showed up while I was nursing. They're doing the install now and will be repairing the freon line shortly, so hopefully we'll have cool air shortly.


Monnik said...

Of course they showed up while you were nursing. That's like murphy's law or something.

Are you all cooled off now?

Andrea said...

Cooler, yes, though it still doesn't seem to be blowing cold air like it used to.