Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eyes Only for You

What a dork I am! I'm excited that on Friday I get a new pair of glasses!

I've been wearing contacts for 13 years now (I've been wearing corrective lenses, i.e. glasses, for 17 years - WOW!). During that time, I've had back-up glasses off and on, but I rarely wear them. My current pair of back-up glasses are about 5 years old, so the prescription is off. It would be fine if it were only a little off, but I can't even drive in my glasses now because my eyesight has gotten so much worse. My eyes are tired of wearing the contacts. As I've mentioned before, money has been a little tight around the Fey household, so I've been holding off on going to the eye doctor (not to mention I'm the world's best procrastinator). Now I have no choice. I've been wearing my last pair of contacts for entirely too long and really need to go to the eye doctor.

I called my normal eye doctor to find out how much it would be for the eye exam, the contact fitting (why do they have to do this every time, when I've been wearing contacts for years and it's NEVER CHANGED???), and 2 boxes of contacts. Even with the 'discounts' from our insurance plan, it was still going to cost me around $160. Fine. I decided yesterday that today I'd make an appointment.

Then the Fates stepped in.

I get home yesterday afternoon and on the kitchen counter I see a flyer for Eyes For You advertising several contact lens specials under $100. It had just come in the mail, and DTTF happened to go through the flier bundle instead of just chucking it. One of these specials was for 2 boxes of disposable contacts in the brand I wear plus the eye exam and all that other stuff. Another was for one pair of daily wear contacts, which I haven't worn in years, and a pair of glasses.

So, I called today and asked if I got the daily wears, would I be able to take the same prescription and get my disposables, either online or through them. The answer was...


So, now I'll have a new pair of glasses, a new pair of contacts, and I'll be able to order the disposables once we're more financially comfortable! I'm so excited!

I'm such a dork!

(In case you can't tell, DORK is my word of the day.)

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