Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let's Talk Numbers For A Moment

Forgive me for a moment, but I work with numbers daily, and sometimes those numbers help me see things from a different perspective. :) Sorry. I'm a geek. Or a nerd. You pick.

I started this blog on 7/2/07. In that time, I've written 33 posts. Those 33 posts, including titles, come to 16,275 words (I copied them into Word and made it count them for me). That averages out to about 493 words per post. I'm impressed and surprised. It may just be that easy to write a book! Granted, I write about a different topic every day, and I usually only post during the week.

Jess Riley commented that if you write a page a day, then you'll have an entire book in a year. If you figure that the average page is 400 words long, then I've already written almost 41 pages. Another way to look at it - the average book (young adults and adults) is about 50,000 words long, which means I've already written 1/3rd of a book, or 32.5%.

I guess I'm trying to convince myself that this is really possible to finish. I know there are thousands of writers out there, and they all finished their books, but it's a bit different when you're looking at yourself wondering if you can actually write a book.


Monnik said...

Not to sound all Suzy cheerleader on you, but you totally can do it!

Rah! Rah!

Andrea said...

LOL! Sometimes I need my own cheering squad! Thanks, Monnik!