Friday, August 10, 2007


Brains! Brains! (They're coming to get you, Barbara...)

Once again, I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. Last night I had Tree Faerie in bed by 10 and I was in bed by 10:30 and fell asleep within moments. Several times Tree Faerie woke up fussing, so I would get up, nurse her for a moment while I dozed in the rocking chair, then put her back in her bed and I'd fall into mine. DTTF stayed up watching a documentary on old punk music, and when he came to bed she started stiring again. I remember thinking, "Please don't fuss. Please don't fuss. Please don't fuss." Apparently I was actully whispering it, because as I started to get up to pick Tree Faerie up, DTTF stopped me and suggested I wait for a few minutes to see if she'd go back to sleep on her own.

Well, I didn't bite his head off or rip his balls off. Instead I lay there and listened to her steadily get more fussy while I became more and more awake. When I looked at the clock, it was only 11:59PM!

And Tree Faerie was just getting louder.

I picked her up and she was still fussing. As more and more of my cognitive thinking skills woke up, I realized she's throwing her head back like she does when she's teething. We fumbled our way to the kitchen and I shook out two teething tablets. Usually she'll open right up for the teething tablets, but she wasn't fully awake, so she kept turning away from me. I finally managed to get the first one in her mouth and pressed on her gums.

She immediately stopped fussing! She even opened her mouth willingly for the second one and chewed on my finger for a moment. Then she laid her head on my shoulder and went back to sleep. I very carefully put her back in her bed and fell into mine next to my dear hubby. I told him thank you for making me wake up, because that's how I realized what the actual problem was. That's also when I realized I'd been up 5 times in an hour and a half! Because I wasn't fully waking up before, I thought she was at least sleeping 45 minutes to an hour before waking up. Nope. She was waking up more like every 15 to 30 minutes!

She slept for about 3 1/2 hours before fussing again, Then another 1 1/2 hours, then an hour. I finally convinced her to go ahead and wake fully up a little after 7 AM, which is about the time she usually gets up anyways. Once she was awake, she was happy!

I dream of the night I get 6 straight hours of sleep again. She's let me have a few since she was born, but not many.

In other news, my sewing buddy KH came over yesterday evening to help me with making the mei tai. This is my first sewing project since Tree Faerie came along, so KH is helping to make sure I actually get the project finished, which I GREATLY appreciate. She brought over her cutting mat, guide ruler, and rotary cutter to make things easier, and boy, did they! I now have three new things added to my wish list! All my lines are straight and even! Everything is nice and neat! I'm spoiled now!

Tree Faerie, on the other hand, was worse than my cat Storm! Every time I've ever had a sewing project, Storm would always take over my fabric while I was laying it out or chase the measuring tape and try to escape with it. It definitely made the projects more interesting.

Well, last night, Storm was hiding, but Tree Faerie was more than willing to take up the slack. She wanted the fabric. She wanted the rotary cutter. She wanted the instructions. She crawled into the center of the cutting mat, grabbed the tape measure, sat up, and started chewing on the tape measure. It would have helped if we had not been on the floor working on the project. (I need a dining room table!)

We got everything but the panel piece cut out before Tree Faerie's bedtime. We figured we'd save the sewing for another day. I'll probably work on it some this weekend, depending on whether or not I get any sleep, but it will have to be while Tree Faerie is sleeping, napping, or in the play pen. I'm looking forward to having it done, because I'm hoping I'll be a lot more productive if I don't have to do everything one-handed.

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