Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Sweetest Smell

I love sniffing my baby.


Random said...

when i was pregnant with boo, some old guy came up to me and waxed poetic about sniffing his grandkid's head. "there's nothing quite like it," he said. i thought he was either a freak or a perv or maybe both.

but, uh, he was totally right. babies just smell good.

Andrea said...

And since I was in the process of sniffing my baby, that was all I could type.

I must admit, before having a baby of my own, I never really liked sniffing babies. Babies always smelled like a combination of milk and pee with an occasional poo. But I love the way my kid smells. :) Especially with the lavender-scented baby soap and lotion. Mmmmm.

Matt said...

(i secretly sniff my dog when my wife isn't looking. she smells like carpet deodorizer)

manic sent me!

Matt said...

err... my dog smells like carpet deodorizer, not my wife... ...wife smells like arm-pit deodorizer.

Andrea said...

glad it's not the other way around!

Matt said...

Me too!