Monday, August 27, 2007

Color of Life

This weekend had a lot of highlights and colorful moments. My friend KH came over and helped me finish painting Tree Faerie's bedroom, so now I just have to do a couple of touch-ups and hang the border before we can furnish it. Technically, she did most of the work. I wrangled Tree Faerie a lot. I greatly appreciate her hard work, though, otherwise it would have taken me forever to complete. I plan to move us all upstairs before the end of the year, so I need to get on the ball with finishing things up. Once I move us upstairs, Tree Faerie will be in her own room instead of ours. I think that separation will be harder on me than it is on her. I may not get much sleep for the first few weeks.

Granted, it's not like I'm getting much sleep NOW with her in the same room. Her follow-up appointment for her ear infection is tomorrow morning, and I'm not sure that it's gone. I didn't get to give her the last 3 doses of the antibiotic, though, because I threw it in the floor Friday night. It was a complete accident - I forgot I'd already shaken it and had the lid unscrewed but still on top of the bottle. I was talking to DTTF and picked up the bottle to shake it, and somehow it ended up in the floor, pink stuff everywhere. I even found a drop in the dining room! Needless to say, there was enough for that night's dose, but no more. Tree Faerie is still really fussy at night, though. She keeps waking up screaming, or at least she's waking me up by screaming. I don't think she's fully waking up.

Tree Faerie is clapping now. It's really cute to watch her. Last night DTTF was playing a clapping game with her where she was actually mimicing his claps. She stopped when he tried to show me, though. My little girl is famous for NOT doing things on command. She's very headstrong.

Blowing kisses is another new thing she's doing. She doesn't use her hand or anything, just makes the kissy-noises like DTTF and I do. Her kisses, even the blown ones, are categorized under The Sweetest Things in the World.

She's also pulling up on the furniture more and beginning to navigate the room that way. She doesn't go far, but she's doing very well. She even stood holding only my pinky finger for stability last night. I was amazed! I'm constantly amazed with this child, though.

DTTF thinks Tree Faerie is spoiled, which in a way I can agree, but I don't really see it as such a bad thing. I'm working on only picking her up when she's expressing a need, not a want, but the child is attached to me a lot. I always want to be able to provide her with the security she needs from me, though. I know she'll have to be secure within herself, too, but that feeling of security has to start somewhere. And I kind of like having her attached to me most of the time. The weekends are the only days I get to spend ALL day with her, and this weekend I didn't have her attached to me as much because we were painting and such. I feel like it was a bit incomplete, like something was missing. I didn't get enough snuggle time, I guess.

Apparently she did, though, because this morning when I dropped her off at daycare, she refused to give me a kiss. She didn't mind me kissing on her, and she even blew me a kiss before I left, but I didn't get any wet smooches like she usually gives me. Maybe she's saving them all for this afternoon.


XYZinn said...

Oh my gosh, I could never sleep with my kids in my room. They are too wriggly and loud.

Monnik said...

My four year old still sleeps in my room. she has her own room across the hall, but almost never sleeps in it. She usually ends up in bed with us or on the floor beside us.

It's the same (admittedly lazy) approach I took with my oldest two, and they migrated to their own rooms as they got old enough to be embarrassed about sleeping with mom.

As for the spoiled thing, she's just a wee little thing. I always take the approach that if my kids need or want me, I'm going to pick them up and give them the security they want. Other people have different ideas on this, but you just gotta do what feels right to you!

You going to post pics of TF's room?

Andrea said...

I promise to post pics as soon as I get the room put together, which may be a while. :)