Thursday, August 9, 2007

Drawing a Blank, Then Total Randomness

I've shared this joke from TTQ's blog last Thursday with the Famn-Damily because that's exactly how I feel today.

Oh, and my sewing buddy is coming over tonight so we may tackle making a mei tai. I may have delusions of grandeur, but I have been fantasizing about being able to strap Tree Faerie to my back when she feels she must be attached to me.

Speaking of Tree Faerie - yesterday I had the best surprise when I picked her up from daycare. Every day when I walk in the door, she grins and cackles at me, and if I don't pick her up immediately, she demands my attention. Yesterday, I walked into daycare and was standing behind another mom, so Tree Faerie hadn't seen me yet. I peeked around the other mom and said, "Psst! Tree Faerie!" in a loud whisper.

She whipped her head around so fast I thought she was just going to keep spinning! She grinned and squealed, then immediately started barrelling towards me as fast as she could crawl, right over the other mom's foot! She raced right up to me and attempted to crawl up my leg. When I picked her up, she cackled loudly then gave me several big, wet kisses. It was the sweetest thing!

Later yesterday evening, I left her playing in the living room floor with DTTF nearby while I started dinner. I heard her making the something-is-not-going-my-way noise, and when she didn't stop, I went to investigate. Apparently the thing that was not going her way was that I was not in the room, for once again she raced towards me. I didn't pick her up this time, partially because dinner was not ready and partially because once she got to me, she seemed pretty content to just play with my foot. When I walked back to the kitchen, she followed until she got distracted by DTTF's taekwando belt and pads.

I did eventually have to pick her up for a few minutes, then DTTF had to actually server dinner, but we're getting better at getting things done. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and fabulous daughter.

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