Monday, August 20, 2007

So Much for Sleep...

I'm glad I got plenty of sleep on Thursday night, because that's about the last good night of sleep I got, with last night being the worst in the past few days. Tree Faerie was up screaming every 45 minutes last night. EVERY 45 MINUTES, folks! I'm wiped today!

I think her tummy hurts from the amoxicillin she's on for the ear infection. Last time she was on the amoxicillin, she ended up throwing up after the 4th day of taking it, so we moved straight on to the shots. Well, this morning's dose counted as the 4th full day of doses (8 doses total). We'll see how she does today. I don't like holding my child down to give her this medicine, but if I don't hold her down, she spits it all back out. She's even figured out how to spit it out while on her back while I'm holding her head! It sprays up and out when she does it. My new goal is to try to get her to swallow before she can move it to the front, but I'm having the hardest time finding "the spot" under her chin that makes her swallow. I hit it sometimes, but most of the time it takes forever. Also, if I squirt too much medicine in her mouth and it goes back, she gags on it, which I do not like, but if I squirt too little, there's not enough to make her NEED to swallow.

DTTF has been wonderful with helping me administer the medicine. Last night, though, as he was holding her arms so she couldn't push me away, he was hiding his head behind me. I thought he was just having a hard time because she was screaming mad at me and he was still having to hold her. This was not the case, folks.

DTTF was hiding behind me so that when she spit it back out, it wouldn't get on him.

What a trooper. It did make me laugh when he told me, though, which actually made the medicine-giving-torture-treatment go a lot better.

I did actually accomplish things this weekend, though not many. I finished sewing the main part of the mei tai carrier I'm making, which meant I could actually try it out. I LOVE it! I tied it on the front and inserted Tree Faerie, and it was comfy! I slid her around to my back and tied it, and it was still comfy! Then last night while I was fixing dinner, Tree Faerie decided she'd had enough "Off-Mommy" time and wanted "On-Mommy" time, so I tied her on and slipped her around to my hip, and it was STILL comfy! I still have to make a "fashion panel" or two, but the fashion panel doesn't offer much more than decoration. It made me feel really good when DTTF said that it looked like a professional made it.

Tree Faerie has now tried all of the Stage 1 foods, so we're moving on to Stage 2 as soon as I go to the store. She really seemed to like the squash, and I mixed it with rice cereal and water. It was a lot thicker than the other Stage 1 foods, and even when I added the cereal and water, it was still thick. She didn't seem to have a problem with it, though, so I feel better about moving on to Stage 2. Just a couple of weeks ago she was gagging if her cereal was too thick, but I guess since I've been having her daycare give her fruit and oatmeal in the morning, she's gotten used to it.

When Tree Faerie was eating the squash last night, she was actually opening her mouth for more before I offered more. I made the comment aloud that she really seems to like the squash, to which DTTF had to chime in from the living room something along the lines of we're ganging up on him. See, DTTF is not a big fan of vegetables. In fact, he would probably be insulted if anyone insinuated that he was in any way a fan of vegetables. He'll eat corn and mashed potatoes. I discovered recently that he loves watermelon. He's not the type of person who'll go out of his way to include vegetables in his meal. (When I talk about veggies, I'm referring to the green, orange, or red stuff, not potatoes.) In fact, there are many veggies that he simply refuses to eat right now. I've put a rule in place that will be enforced with the time comes, though. The rule is that whatever I tell Tree Faerie she has to eat at least 3 bites of, he has to do the same, and he can't drown it in A-1 sauce, because that's just as bad as drowning it in catsup.

He's agreed to the rule, but just laughed at me when I suggested that he go ahead and try to eat the veggies I make so that he can get used to it. :)


Monnik said...

That stinks that you're not getting any sleep. That's brutal. And what you have to go through to get medicine down her? Yowza! I'd opt for the shots too!

Can you post a pic of the mei tai? (isn't that a kind of drink?) I'm interested in seeing it!!

Andrea said...

As soon as I get the "fashion" panel done, I will definitely post pics. :)