Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is it really only Tuesday?

This morning we had Tree Faerie's follow-up appointment for her ear infection. The good news is that it's completely gone. The bad news is that it's not the cause of her (or actually - my) lack of sleep. The doctor thinks it's separation anxiety. I'm not so sure.

The reason I'm not so sure is because Tree Faerie doesn't seem to be fully waking up during these screaming sessions, and she continues to scream even after I pick her up. Sometimes she'll go ahead and settle back down after a moment, but usually I have to nurse her, though sometimes she's not even interested in that. She flings her head back and arches her back when she screams. I keep thinking she's in pain, and I don't think it's just teething because it happens whether or not I give her teething tablets. She has yet to cut her first tooth, though.

Last night she actually slept. She had one of her screaming fits about 10:30 or so (she'd only been in bed for about 30 minutes), which DTTF tried to console her because I was in the bathroom at the time. I ended up nursing her again, and even then she was still fussing at first. Once I got her back asleep and in her bed, she slept until about 3:30 before waking up to nurse. She woke without screaming this time, though, and she was actually awake to nurse. Sleep came quickly, though, and we were soon back in bed. I didn't sleep very well because I'm so used to her waking often that I just didn't sleep very deeply. I would definitely call last night a good night.

Any help anyone has to offer, please, PLEASE feel free to throw advice my way. I'm listening.


Beth said...

oh, if only I had some advice to give you! My kids never slept through the night...EVER. Always up and down and needing to nurse to go back to sleep.

I tired the "letting them cry it out" thing...took 2 hours the first night and he DID sleep all night long...but in the morning, he was so pitiful. His eyes were all swollen from crying and his little voice was horse from screaming. It just wasn't worth it to me, so back into my bed he went, much to my husband;s dismay. The kids always slept in our bed...it was just easier for me..and I managed to get a little sleep that way.

They are all in their own beds now tho! ;) And I still don't sleep all night long...the dogs get me up, my bladder gets me up, whatever...but I do remember walking around in a fog for DAYS and WEEKS when mine were babies.

It does get better...I promise.

Random said...

wow. could it be something akin to night terrors or nightmares?

a friend of mine swears by a book named "the happiest baby on the block" or something similar. she had a super high-needs baby, and it apparently held the key to actual sleep for everyone involved. i've never read it, but that's at least an option.

hope you guys all get some sleep soon!